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Showing posts from May 31, 2009

Interesting Result

Ave, On a recent Spagyric experiment, I received an interesting result. While calcining the Salts, the body changed from Black, to grey, to light Orange! I've never had the salts take on that color before. I don't know if this is common, and somehting that happens to others all the time-but it was new to me. It was especially interesting becasue I didn't spend more time performing the calcination than i usually do, and used the same heat source (a torch, burning at a somewhat steady 2300 degrees) to arrive at a different result. Perhaps this is a stage that I was unaware of. Definitely worth noting down. I've also had something of a breakthrough in my understanding of Alchemy...and have to say that Spagery was behind that increase in understanding. It was not the sort of thing that is communicable in words-a small matter of Gnosis instead of knowledge. Nothing earth shattering, but a connection that gave me another step to climb in my pursuit of understanding.

A mildly uncomfortable lesson on Sex and Magic

Hello all, Had a very interesting and somewhat disconcerting experience the other night, which resulted in a profound lesson. After performing most of the LBRP, and calling the Archangels, I usually look about with my inner vision at details to ground the vision in my Sight. This time, when I looked about, I was greeted with a suprise. The Archangels were not the large, androgynous powers they normally are-they were, instead, fully and joyfully expressing their sexuality! Ahh, the horror, the blasphemy!......was my immediate reaction, and I set about reprimanding myself for my perversion and forcing the Archangelic forms into their regular, pleasingly antiseptic bodies. As this flew across my mind, an immediate counter reaction took place-the counterpoint being that these were Archangels, and nothing they were doing could be considered unclean. Anything they do is, by their very nature, sacred and Holy! I was, for a very long and very short moment, completely obliterated by this parado