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Showing posts from September 21, 2008

Leaching-Purification by Water

Ave, Fraters and Sorors, Just wanted to bring something to your attention. Frater S.R. has been kind and shared his wisdom of alchemy with us-read his comments on the first post of the blog, as the technique of leaching is very, very useful and a wonderful addition to the alchemist's repertoire.

Moon Tincture, Moon Stone

Ave, Fraters et Sorors.... This has been an educational period. The moon tincture I made worked very well-I felt an immediate energetic effect, and then experienced certain changes in awareness and physical side effects that were consistent with the Luna's correspondences. I am trying to keep my spagyric work consistent with the work I am currently undertaking as part of my gradework within the Order. As I am currently a Theoricus, I am focusing on the Air element, Air Triplicity, and the Planetary power of Luna. As most of the Spagyric literature is focused primarily on the planets, I think it is worth noting that the elements and the astrological forces are completely accesible via spagyrics. Work with plants can introduce these energies gently, preparing you for the stronger influx generated by the rites of ceremonial magic-which is a wondrous thing, as the effects of these energies upon one's outer and inner life can be overwhelming, depending on the balance and strength o