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Second scrying of RII, plus Revelations on Morality

Ave, So, I sat in communion a couple of days ago, meditating upon the results of my last scrying of the 29th Aethyr RII, and had a few revelations about it. I saw little because I did not have sufficient understanding. The ring of Angels I saw about the Island where sentries, and would not let me pass. The bland form I perceived of the Governor I invoked was not a true representation of it's form, but was all I would get to see until I came to understanding. My conversation with the Governor GOMZIAM-and the instruction he gave-centered around mental structures, like truth, was based on morality. I meditated on this for some time, and examined my own moral structure. Turns out, there wasn't really any to speak of. Not that I'm ammoral-I aim to do the right thing in every circumstance...although I often fail...but I discovered that, as my consciousness and understanding have expanded over time I've discarded much of the structure that had been