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Method and Results: Kronus and the Elysium

Ave, After having done my research, I planned the ritual for the second hour of Saturn on Saturday. Nice and twilight-y. I made some special materials in order to connect with Kronus though the old days, they sacrificed to Saturn by throwing a pig into a deep cave. Having neither pig to slaughter, nor deep cave, I improvised by creating a deep hooded bowl for offering out of clay, which had a small raised area for burning offerings and two small indentations, one for incense and the other for liquid offering (honey or wine). This sat in the center of the altar with an image of Kronus, the materials for the offering and a Saturnian spagyric elixir, and my tablet (from which I would read the incantation). I cleansed myself with holy water and then anointed myself with a holy oil, as the hour came around. I censed the room with my banishing incense, and gave the ole' "HEKAS...etc.etc." Room was lovely and clear, felt holy. This was good. Next I built the To