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Spagery and Healing

So..... Our order and system of attainment-in my humble opinion-is lacking in a serious and structured method for healing. I am speaking of the Golden Dawn, and not necessarily the RR et AC-as I haven't yet crossed the Portal into that august body. Now, I've heard it told that we can effect healing through proximity, (as in, our energy bodies, being well balanced, should raise the energetic signatures of those around us, creating positive change for them), and have reviewed and implemented Isreal Regardie's system in the Art of True Healing. Good ideas that do net some positive results...but let's be honest. Compared to other energetic healing modalities, the frankly lackluster systems we seem to have in place leave much to be desired-especially considering our Alchemical history and the potential for healing our system has.This isn't suprising, as the main focus of our Order has been (and should be) Self-Evolution. I've noticed within myself, as I have develope