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How to Incant

Ave, I know this is obvious to some, but Incantation is more than just Vibration. It is not enough to deeply vibrate the words to make them an Incantation; including the other senses involved in the words of Power used-be they Qabalistic, Enochian, or otherwise-is key. Incantation can serve as the entirety of a magical ritual, if it is approached and understood  correctly. Franz Bardon delves into this some in his "Key to the True Qabalah". Each letter in a magical language has layers of meaning and a full understanding of these layers-brought about through gnosis of each letter-is essential to powerful and meaningful incantation. For example, look at the Greater Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram. In our Order, we intone the Enochian call related to the Element involved to further power the ritual. The entire point of the pentagram-drawing and symbol drawing involved in the ritual is to create layers of meaning within which the invoked force can manifest energetically. We s

The HGA pt.3

During yesterday's prayer session, I spoke with my HGA. He appeared without all of the angel-y robes, with blondish hair and a long moustache. He appears German, and is wise and a bit dry. I spoke with him about the orders I gave to my gaurdian daimon. I ordered the daimon to direct the lower energies toward my wife, and web design; I want to invest my passion into these things. He can spend his energies there, instead of wasting them tempting me.  My HGA was split at first, saying that the energies should all be directed toward my development. I told him that I thought this was part of my development-being passionate about people (my wife) as opposed to only abstractions, and creating a career that would allow to love my work. He thought a moment, and agreed-saying that this was fine for now, but that those energies should be directed ever upwards. He then did something that startled me-he put a golden collar and chain about my neck, and asked me if I "would enslave myself to