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My glorious Wand

Ave, Jason and some other mages in our circle of association have talked a bit about the creative wands they've I thought I'd show off my pride & joy in that particular department! Here she is, in all her bronze and coppered glory... It's made primarily of brass and copper, some tin alloy. There are two additional spots within the Wand that accept crystals, and all of the crystals and their compartments are connected by copper wiring. Everything is nicely conductive, haha. Cost me a ridiculous sum, but worth every penny. It's  acquired a presence over the last couple of years, a weight. Using crystals and metal, in my opinion, allow for a Wand/Tool that can "take a charge" in a fashion beyond what the dowels at Home Depot have to offer.  I have always loved the idea of the Magical tool as not just a focus, but as a participant in the magic being done. In order for that to happen, it has to be singular, it has to begin to take on a pe


Ave, Lot of talk lately about Chaos magic lately (see Fra Jack's excellent blog )...which got me to thinking. This is the style that I started with; it was the most accessible. I was a teenager, and the first book I read and attempted to use for magic was Crowley's Goetia. Uhh....yeah. This was not such a good thing...I knew nothing of magic at the time, and wholeheartedly expected dudes to show up physically and start bargaining. I did a few conjurations before moving on. I was not aware of the subtleness of contact between physical beings and spirits, and assumed because no one physically showed up and appeared before my open eyes, that nothing happened. I suspect I was more successful then I realized; that time was full of bizarre mood swings and rages. Mind you , I was a teenager at the time, so those swings could have been natural. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a little bit of push there, though. I made my way to Chaos through Liber Null and Liber Chaos..