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GIRP Fire, and a given Technique

Ave, I've been experiencing effects almost immediately from my first GIRP Fire done to balance the Element within my sphere-there is a call to action, an urge to do, an engine running underneath it all. I wonder if the effect is showing up quicker because I have become more deft at working with the Elements over the course of my career in the Golden Dawn, or if I am merely more aware and sensitive to these things? Either is good. The salamanders do seem to be very forward, in an interesting way-they seem to want to jump the gun, and do things before I am quite finished with my preparations. When I Invoke Fire I perceive them showing up near the beginning of the ritual.....and sense them milling about impatiently, waiting for me to get on with it as I draw more pentagrams and make brief but grandiose speeches...ha. If I were a Tarot card, I would be the Knight of Pentacles-I'm a deliberate kind of fellow. My chart is chock full of Earth signs with planets in them; I am not inc

GIRP Fire, and Salamanders

Ave, I performed the GIRP Fire-under unusual circumstances-today. I planned the timing out so that elemental tide and Planetary hour were positive....and ended up having to perform the ritual outside instead of my usual temple space. This was interesting-having the wind blowing and the moon shining down added a certain something to the ritual. Also, wearing simple clothing and not robes helps keep passerby from assuming you're a madman. I was not about to miss this window, though-I went out and got it done. The ritual resulted in a couple of notable things-one was an introduction to a Salamander. He told me that he was local-that when summoning elementals the specific one you get depends on who's around. That's assuming your call is general, and you don't have a particular entity in mind. For some reason Salamanders have been lizards in my head-I've read too many fantasy novels in my day...the thing stood much like a man, only it wasn't solid. It was (of