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Bullshit Siddhis

Nsala malongo,

So.....powers. They exist. You work your alchemy, and they start popping up.

It isn't what you expect.

It's not like the comics.

Subtle things happen. You get a little something here, a big something there. Some of them appear useless at first.

Some years ago, after work in the upper cinnabar field, I gained the dubiously awesome ability to see a sort of spirit double floating around people. At first I was BEYOND stoked, and thought I was well on my way toward ascension from my normal state into a vicious and powerful spiritual overlord, as was foretold. By me. When I was like, fourteen.

Then, after the wonder wore off, I realized that this was absolutely useless. The double gave me no information about the person, no power to manipulate myself or the other. It was just there.
So. Countless hours of heat and concentration, and the end result was this?

Of course it *was* useful in the long-run, as a mark of my developing spiritual sight. And continuing to work with it enabled a sort of Flowering. 

It's worth noting that this growth isn't a goal, but a signpost along the road. Don't get too caught up in them. 


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  2. I see the same thing. My conclusion is that consciousness is multitasking through several bodies in a group with the same aims. I tested the theory out when I was surprised to find a famous politician hovering between the head & shoulder of another man who bore some resemblance. I happened to have a connection to one of the politician's staff & I sent a message intended for this literal spook & the result was immediate.

    It's not useless. Start with why. What is the motive of the watcher. Figure it out. I believe we are there to intercede & provide a short cut. Or be given something. Why else would we see it?

    It was 2007 & the politician was the prime minister Blair. The place was the King James room of the Holiday Inn at Newbury Park London. I was working as part of the G1K with Neale Donald Walsch. I had this sight for as long as I can remember. But that was the first time I started intervening because I saw a course of action.


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