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Results-Aforementioned Fire Technique

Ave, So, yesterday I gave the method I received for controlling and managing my personal/internal/physical Fire a first run, and the results are promising. Using the Princess scale colors with the Middle Pillar, and then with the Bolt of Fire added an interesting layer to the meditation/energy work. The Queen scale being so familiar, it requires very little thought. Using the Princess scale had me paying closer attention to the vision and placement of the Spheres themselves than usual. The LVX had a different feel to it-a different flavor. When I began the bolt of Fire itself-after awakening Chokmah in my sphere-there was an immediate sensation of heat as the bolt moved across my body into my Geburah. This suprised me a little bit, as I didn't expect to experience so visceral a sensation. It became more and more intense as I descended the Tree, moving the bolt from Geburah to Tipareth, and then Netzach, and then Yesod, and finally Malkuth. As the bolt descended into Malkuth,

The Importance of Oral Transmission in the Golden Dawn

Ave, We hold regular classes for our students within our Order; they're a great opportunity for students to have access to senior Fraters and Sorors and receive answers to any questions they may have about the curriculum. During a recent class, our GH Fra LES made an unscheduled appearance. He taught for a good 15-20 minutes about particular aspects of ritual magic, elaborating on the purpose of the work within the outer Order and sharing some alchemical understanding as well. What struck me about all of this is that I've been studying our system for years, and never made the connections he made for us during that talk. The system is so labyrinthine in it's complexity, especially when you think on Alchemy and it's connections; there are endless tunnels and the like to go down. Finding a clear path to understanding is difficult without this sort of guidance. It's not the knowing what to do-that's fairly straightforward. It's knowing what is happening whil