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More perspectives on the Energy Debate

Ave, Fraters Argent and theScribbler have some interesting new points and opinions to make about this debate, as does VH Fra SR . I'm pretty much in total agreement with Fra Argent. (You should be reading his blog, if you aren't yet, and Fra Jow's as well). Also, in partisan fashion I just posted links to the dudes I primarily agree with. Here's another set of perspectives . Also, check out Fra RO for interesting input as well. I think Patrick Dunn's insistence that there is no such thing as magical "energy" is incorrect--not because his ideas aren't sound, or because his model doesn't work. His ideas are sound, and they do make sense if one is working from a definition of the term "energy" that is the same as that of modern science, and completely bereft of context. Which would be my opinion. What we are really debating is whether subtle energies are an actuality. The inner fires, the Holy Ghost, the spiritual Virtue. H