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Enochian Chess Board Air

Ave Fraters et Sorors, Here is the Air Board. I'll post the Water and Fire when they're completed-I hope the day finds you all well! In LVX, AIT

Invocation of NANTA

Ave Fraters et Sorors, I sat down after vibrating all of the incantations, and then making my formal invitation to and Invocation of NANTA. Saw a plain, with a dark, starry sky. The quality of the light was that of just before complete sunset-there was a thin ribbon of light wrapping the peaks of blue-purple mountains in the distance. The sky itself began as orange-purple at the mountain peaks, and darkened almost immediately to a deep black from which stars shone.  NANTA stood before me, and there was no mistaking her/it. It was huge, so large that I couldn't quite perceive it-I would focus on it and see parts of it, but it seemed the actual shapes of the Angel were beyond me. It was a huge, towering thing. It was as if I were a 2 dimensional entity trying to perceive something that was 3 dimensional. NANTA spoke to me, and it's voice was solid and very cold. I asked it what it's nature was, and it said simply "form." I was expecting it to say that I couldn'

Elemental Fire

Ave Fraters et Sorors, Once again, Theurgy has changed my life for the better. My conversation and connection with BITOM has resulted in a very specific correction in my life-that of career direction and life-focus. I've always thrived as a creative person...but as I've grown older (and frankly abused the Fiery energies, miss-spending them with embarrassing abandon) I've found that use of my skills and creative powers has fallen off to almost null-my passion for Magic is the only thing that kept that dull fire lit. Before my work with the Water forces in Practicus I was also very insensitive...I didn't sense/feel enough of what was going on to notice and understand what was happening. Where once I burst with ideas and toiled to manifest them on this plane (which is a creative desire rooted in Elemental Fire), now they remained in Yesod, lacking the Fiery component necessary to energize them and bring them into existence. Nothing is done in a vacuum-misusing any of the