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Arithmancy, part III

The Character, Heart, and Social Numbers
These numbers are calculated from a person’s name, and give us insight into their nature and circumstance. They are also giving us a number to use as a link to work upon those things in the person. We don’t stop with Arithmancy to divine general circumstance; we continue with Arithmatic magic in order to alter that circumstance in a positive or negative fashion according to our wishes. This is where Arithmatic Magic excels; it allows for a strong link to be created with a magical subject with nothing other than the name.

In order to calculate the Character number, we use the method given above, adding up the numbers for each letter of the complete Name of the subject, and then joining the numbers left if there is more than one number. The Character number is representative of the personality/waking mind of the subject.  It can give us insight into the person’s strengths and weaknesses, their natural tendencies.

In order to calculate the Heart number, we combine the numbers of the vowels only, joining the final number together if it is more than one numeral as necessary. This gives insight into the desires that motivate the person.

In order to calculate the Social number, we combine the numbers of the consonants only, joining the final number together if it’s more than one numeral as necessary. This gives us insight into the public persona of the person, and their standing among their peers and community.

We use our charts delineating the Virtue and character inherent in each number to pull meaning from the numbers we calculate from names.

Calculating Lucky Days

Arithmancy can be used to calculate lucky days for a person or action; the method for this is simple. To find a person’s lucky days, simply calculate their Number and then match the days of a given month that are equal to or multiples of that number; for example, if your number were 8, the lucky days for action would be the 8th, 16th, and 24th.

Arithmantic "Astrology"

Arithmantic Astrology is an extremely simple Astrological method that still has much efficacy, as it requires neither software nor ephemeris. It is the only astrological method I know of that can be conducted in the moment. It doesn’t make astrological connection through the positions of the Planets or Houses, but through the fundamental numeric connection that these things have. So, it is connection through number and the Intellectual plane upon which these values reside that this art does its work. It is especially effective for understanding mental motivations, determining which Planet’s virtue operates like a hidden (or sometimes not-so-hidden) hand in a person’s mind or in a situation, and choosing lucky days for doing important things. By no means is it anywhere near as accurate or powerful a method as classical astrology (seriously); it is useful in a pinch, though, and is definitely worth the small effort required to learn.

Were I picking a day to apply for jobs, I would first calculate my number using my name. Then I would calculate the number of the Company, and I would join those numbers together to pick a day that was harmonious for all three numbers.

The method doesn’t give the depth of understanding available in classical Astrology, but serves perfectly fine for electing “lucky days” and the simple analysis possible through understanding of the significance of the Rising Sign; much of worth can be gained by calculating the Signs through the Houses for a person, with the Rising House being the Number for the querent's name (in this case we alter the method to allow for the numbers 10, 11, and 12 without further reduction) which is possible with only the Rising sign being known. 
It cannot stand against classical Astrological method, as it allows for no means to calculate the places of the Planets or their aspects…it also requires much less in the way of information to work and provide some analysis, needing neither birthdate nor time. Not using this information is, however, exactly why it barely has any business calling itself Astrology. It is useful, and is worth learning, if only for those times when no other information beyond the name is available.

The perspective granted is not equal to that of traditional Astrology; it connects primarily through the Mental Plane, the intellectual Plane and through Number.  Its insights are into idea and fundamental motivation, into the shape of things and the words at the heart of their creation. This is a simple astrological method that pairs well with practical and intuitive magics like Hoodoo or Geomancy, as it is useful for creating magical links and for altering the subtle enivornment.

Testing Spirits

Arithmancy can also be used to determine the veracity of a given Spirit that has been summoned or has addressed the arithmancer; determine the number of the Spirit's name, and hold the mudra for that number. Ask it what number is it's name, and it should be identical to the one you pre-determined. If it lies at all during speech, and you hold the mudra, those lies will be transparent to your perceptions. Numbers are beautiful little truths. 


  1. Thanks for sharing Frater :)

    Here's a good calculator in case someone might be interested:

    yeah there's mention of Harry Potter alright but at least the calculator works as expected. :)


  2. @ John Right on! I had not realized the Potter books dipped their hands in Arithmancy. Hmm.

    Cool link for quick & dirty number adding.=) I wonder where they got their correspondence for the numbers from? I use Agrippa for that part, primarily.

  3. I wonder about from where they take their correspondences from as well.

    Your Arithmancy posts reminded me of Ziraja, whom I am so eager to learn. I make a guess that Shams-Al Maarif Al Kubra is the text to be to consult concerning relationships between numbers and letters. There's mention of that according to wiki, but alas a proper English translation is yet to be seen.


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