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Arithmancy, part II

(please read part I so all is in context!)

Divination by Number—Arithmancy


Arithmancy is easy. In order to use Number to connect with something/someone, we need to link Word with number; we don’t think in number, and we Name in Word, so it is necessary to translate word into pure number, so that Named things may be grasped and understood according to our lore. In order to transform name into number, we begin with the Alphabet—in this Art, we use the modern Latin alphabet as our base. The assignation of number to letter couldn’t be simpler. They are as follows:


            We determine the numerical value of a thing by addition, and then joining. For example, the Name “AGRIPPA” consists of the numbers 1,7,9,9,7,7,1. Added together, we have 41. We would then join the two letters together to give us a single number. In this case 41 is made up of 4 and 1, which create 5 when joined together. The number for the name Agrippa is 5. Having the number gives us a starting point for both divination and magical work using number.  

      Divination in Arithmancy is conducted in a fashion similar to Horary Astrology, but very much simplified and more general in result. In order to determine the general answer for a particular question, we first determine if the number of the Question and that of the Querent are harmonious; if the nature of both numbers when added together is the Odd (which numbers Agrippa tells us are beloved by God in Chapter VI of Three Books) then the answer is affirmative, positive. If the nature of the numbers is Even (as is the number 2, given over to the Malefic planets of Saturn and Mars by Agrippa), then the answer is negative.

These are snapshots of a moment in time, and it must be remembered that the link in Arithmancy is a link based on the power of number, mental and fundamental. 
If the question is about how someone feels, use the heart numbers of the Querent and the person asking the Question. If it is about money, use the Social number. the Character number is useful for most other questions.

To delve deeper into questions, compare the character number of the Querent with the heart and social numbers of the Quesited, if a person is referenced. If it is not a person, then the emotional and social ramifications of the situation may be delved into this way.

Arithmantic Trance

True divination requires us to bring the intuition into play; the number associations are only the starting point. For deeper understanding the light trance must be entered into, and from there revelations of the truth of a situation can be revealed by Nature through the link and agency of the Number that is at the essence of the situation. Entering the Arithmantic Trance is straight forward; the Arithmancer need first make the Mudra that connects to the principal of the number (given in this manuscript). Then, with eyes shut, he meditates upon the shape that coincides with the combined Number of the querent and quesited (this shape is determined by it's number of sides; One is the point, Two is the line, Three is the Triangle, etc. etc.)  When the mind is quiet and the shape has been held (the amount of time varies per person, but a slightly altered state of mind is invariably the result of this) the question is asked into the stillness within that the Arithmancer has created. Now the mind is allowed to become blank. 

After a moment, subtle impressions will arise that are connected to the Question. These should be written down and examined, and will provide further insight in the way of evocative imagery (similar to the way the Tarot can stimulate understanding using the artwork upon the cards).


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