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GIRP Fire, Technique, Consecration of the Fire Wand


So last night, after a day of forcing myself to be patient and complete creating my fire wand, I set about consecrating and empowering it. The patient part is important-nothing screws up a magical tool like hurrying up. I made mine from scratch using a dowel purchased from Home Depot, a Dremel (I love that tool!) for carving out the flame tip, and brightly beautiful paints for it's adornment. I used metal-flake paint for the metal bits. I have yet to drill a hole and stick a magnet up the center.....mostly because I just plain don't see the point. Can't be an allusion to polarity, as Fire is Electric and not Magnetic traditionally. Sticking a big 'ole magnet right up the center of a tool built for working an Active/Electric element produces some cognitive dissonance for me. This may be a holdover from previous-century views on Magnetism as an occult force (Mesmer, and all that jazz). I'm no GD scholar, however--I'm not sure there is a deeper reason than tradition. Any of you Elder Fraters/Sorors out there who do have some info on this are welcome to share! I'd love to be enlightened, and am currently woefully ignorant as to the point of the magnet. Having consecrated the wand and used it, and found it to work perfectly, I'm going to avoid the magnet bit until I have greater understanding about that part. 

I conducted the GIRP Fire, forming Pentagrams, calling down the Hierarchy, and creating the Vortex through Circumambulation. Drew a circle around the Wand on my altar (which had been previously purified and consecrated with Water and Fire) and set about projecting the red, fiery LVX into it. Sealed the energies/connections into the wand with the Sign of Silence, and then took it up. The flashing colors were vibrant--in my dark, candle-lit temple the wand seemed to have a soft glow. After having gotten some experience consecrating telesmata, there is a certain 'feel' to a thing that has been consecrated. A presence-the things has 'weight'. The Wand was very heavy, and appeared subtly aglow. The flashing colors had an interesting effect on the Hebrew Letters-they glow a bright Green against the Red, and when attention is turned to a particular letter it appears to dull. Color and light, and the way they play about in our perception are wonderful tools for creating meaning and change. It's interesting because there are a number of physical explanations for why I may perceive a glow while in a trance working in low light.....none of which matters. That perception is a side-effect of a long chain of carefully planned actions/states of mind, and not the result. 

I'm definitely comfortable at this point with working with the fiery energies, and am continuing to see the side effects of working with this active and creative force in my life. That's the litmus test-if you aren't seeing any side effects of working with an energy in your life, you're either not doing it right or not looking closely. More often than not it's the later; as we develop as magicians we become more aware of the subtle interaction of these energies in our lives. You have to have the eyes to see. When I first began, only the big traumatic changes could get my attention. As I've grown as a Magician, I notice the subtle signs and act on them-- I get the feeling that in Theurgy one is given the opportunity to learn a lesson first subtly, and then in increasing density and impact....until that lesson is learned, or you lay smashed underneath it. The best part about being more sensitive, and Listening....being slightly less ignorant than I was that I don't always have to learn a lesson the hard way, and the boat of my life rocks less as I balance a force. 

I started a business a while back--after I invoked BITOM-- and realized I needed to take action to create the kind of working life I wanted to lead. I've spent most of the intermediary period creating the business itself-portfolios, website, cards, documentation (contracts and the like)..etc. After beginning to work with Fire, everything just started to go. I've been connected to clients and opportunities, and put in the position where I had to choose actively that I Wanted this work, that I was open to opportunity-it's been quite an experience. 





  1. Magnetism is related to Electicity:

    But I dunno if that will furnish any explanation. Ive never seen instructions to put a magnet in but I have for a metal rod.

    It could have a mytho-magical connection through Lodestone.

    Maybe skry the material of the magnet and ask it/someone there?

  2. Ave Fra EST,

    They are related, true-much in the same way Fire and Water are related in our Art. Problem is, for a ritual weapon I need symbolic purity.

    I like your idea about the Lodestone, interesting connection.

  3. Care Fra AIT,
    the reason why I like your blog so much is because for once, someone is not only talking about theory (which has its value too as it is the important background) but practicing and its results. I find this very encouraging. So, thanks for your insights – hoping to read more…

    In LVX


  4. I forgot - good luck with your business. seems it is starting to roll....

  5. Thank you kindly, Fra Arcad!

    In LVX,



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