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Is Enochian Theurgic?

I don't know anymore. The entities I have invoked and communed with have been powerful, and BIG. My mind has been opened-I just don't know if working with them has lifted my spirit.

I have an idea that these entities are more useful for expansion than evolution. What Dee was praying for when he received his messages wasn't necessarily spiritual growth, but Wisdom. Working with these entities has broadened and expanded me, but it hasn't refined me. Every conversation and Invocation I perform with the Enochian entities leaves me with more understanding-I feel increased,'s strange. I feel more complicated. More aware, like a young man who learns the ins and outs of interpersonal politics, and realizes that sometimes a smile is not a smile. There are layers and complications to things that I never noticed before. This is not necessarily good. There is a clarity to simplicity that is useful.

None of this increase of wisdom has left me feeling any better, though.=) My most recent invocation knocked me on my ass, and I felt alternately agitated and over stimulated and paranoid. Yes, paranoid! I'd thought I dodged that bullet, but nope. It was my own doing though, as I conducted a little experiment in my ritual work.

Previously, after every Enochian Ritual I cleared out the temple and performed the Rose Cross ritual. Previously, I experienced no ill effects from Enochian at all. This last time, I left the Rose Cross out, and had my ass kicked. That's what I get-the Rose Cross has proven itself to be my most effective banishing ritual, and far more so than the LBRP....which seems more and more like a sensitizing ritual as I age.

So, the Enochian is still my main magical tool, but I'm more aware now of how carefully I need to be with it. I've been led to develop an incantatory method of working with it, and it's been extremely effective. Every letter in the Enochian language is an entity-even incantations are invocations, there is no getting around it. Care has to be taken.

Working Enochian is definitely changing me. I'll have to hold off on deciding finally about it's evolutionary character until working with the Planetary Seniors. I've still got a lot of invoking to do before I'm any sort of expert.


  1. 93-

    Some years ago, I heard Bob Wilson paraphrase Regardie on the matter of occult paranoia. The take away is that Western magickal practice develops/opens Ajna & Sahasrāra in a way that is often out of balance with the development of Anahata, with the effect that the magickian becomes something like a badly tempered sword, leading to a paranoid outlook.

    It caused me to look at my own practice and development, and sure enough, I found it to be largely true. Since then, I've restructured my practice to make sure that my system is relatively balanced, but dominated by heart-work. My paranoia/agitation levels dropped dropped steadily over the next year or so, and I keep up the practice of trying to experience things in love, rather than analyze the bejaysus out of them right off the bat.

    Take it for what it's worth,

    93s, Salve.

    Fr. MTP


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