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The Rituals of Kameothic Magic pt.2

 Kameothic Invocatory Ritual
Ritual Summary:
1.Draw the Planetary Hexagram over the Altar
2.Perform the Middle Pillar, or Serpents Rising Rituals
3. Open the Book of Squares
4. Purification and Consecration of the Holy Place
5. Adoration of the Holy One
6. Invitation to the Holy Guardian Angel
7. Assumption of the Godform
8. Awakening of the Square
9. Creating the Vortex of Light (Circumambulation)
10. Vibration of the Hierarchy into the Sphere (The Descent of the Force)
11. Statement of Intent
12. Middle Pillar Ritual
13. Statement of Thanksgiving
14. Dismissal of the Force
15. Reverse Circumambulation (releasing the Vortex)
16. Release of the Godform
17. The Rose Cross Ritual

Expanded Ritual Outline

Begin with the temple prepared in the colors and scents appropriate for the Planetary Force, wearing the Robe/Suit of Black, with the Saturnian Dagger in hand. Light your temple by candle light. Have your statement of Intent prepared ahead of time. Place upon the altar the Book of Squares, the Censor, the Wand, and the Blessing Bowl. When the hour of the Force rises, give the Incantation of the Planet (we use the incantations as given by Agrippa, from the Orphic Hymns-or the Songs of Circe), and begin the Ritual battery.
Moving counter-clockwise, draw all four forms of the Hexagram above the altar, visualizing them as brilliant and gold. While drawing the Hexagrams, vibrate the Holy name "ARARITA". Inhale deeply of the LVX, the mana, and project it forcefully through the Hexagrams directly after each is drawn. Give the Sign of Silence.
Now, it is time to raise energy-the more energy raised, the more work that can be done. There are two methods for this, one being the Middle Pillar ritual-whose purpose is primarily balancing and evolutionary-and the other the Serpents Rising ritual, whose purpose is primarily increase of the resting energy the Thaumaturgist has to draw upon. The Serpent Rising is passively evolutionary, as it prepares the energetic pathways for the rising of the Uraeus Serpent Fire but doesn't actively work to balance energies within the Sphere of Sensation the way the Middle Pillar does. I prefer to use the Serpent here in the beginning of the ritual and the Middle Pillar after the Invocation, to balance the energies that have been raised and Invoked.

The Serpent Rising Ritual
To perform the Serpent Rising, take seven slow, deep breaths, and upon the last breath close your eyes. Place your awareness at the top of the head. Take a moment to concentrate upon that area, breathing through that area until you feel it begin to pulse or throb. Now as you inhale, visualize and feel a stream of electric, bright white energy entering into your head. Feeling is more important than the visual in energy work-don't be alarmed if the image does not come easily. At the end of your inhalation of the Light, your head should be full and pulsing with the energy. Exhale, and as you do so, use your awareness and push the energy down the center of your body-through both legs-and out the heels of the feet into the earth. You will feel a visceral sensation as you do this. This is done to awaken and purify the energetic body. Perform the same inhalation, but this time push the energy down into the chest, through the arms, and out of the palms of your hands. Perform this circulation seven times-this is the Preparatory Circulation.
Next, place your awareness within the feet. Breathe through and into them, until you feel them throb and pulse. This may take one breath, it may take ten. Don't move on until you've accomplished this. Now visualize, upon inhalation, a stream of white electric light rising through the feet, up the back of the legs, over the back, and into the top of the head. Between breaths, feel the energy vibrating here. Upon exhalation, push that energy (using your awareness and will-feel it moving through your body) down over the face and throat, through the chest, and into the center of the body, between the navel and the spine. This is where the raw earthly and sexual energy's are stored, and is related to the sphere of Yesod on the Middle Pillar. This inhalation is performed seven times. Perform this Inhalation again, moving the energies into the Heart seven times, and once more, centering those energies in the Head.

Now inhale up through the feet, up the center of the body and into the top of the head. Let the energy gather and pulse there. Exhale, and push that energy up out of the head in a spray of light, descending over your form and penetrating your tissues. This is the Fountain Circulation. If you are performing the Serpent Rising as part of a ritual working with a particular force, the Fountain is used to impregnate a space with the energy of the force. One does this by visualizing and feeling the energy as the color and quality of the force being worked with, I.e., working with Mars one would visualize the energy as hot and Red, and would perform the Fountain until the entire temple appeared red to the Inner Vision.
After performing the Fountain Circulation seven times, place your awareness back in your feet. Visualize and feel a serpent of vibrating energy at your feet-a red serpent at the right foot, and a blue serpent at the left. The Red is active, male, electric energy and the Blue is passive, female, magnetic energy. Inhale deeply, and pull these vibrating energetic serpents up the center of the legs and into the base of the spine. As you exhale, center your awareness in the base of the spine-be aware of the presence of the snakes, and visualize them within a closed sphere.
The lower Energy center-the Yesod center-is a storehouse of sexual energies, and is linked to the breath. Here during the Serpent Rising ritual, it is also our Bellows. We use it as a reservoir of flame and energy, paired with the breath, to enliven the Serpents and awaken great reservoirs of energy within our personal Spheres. Inhale deeply, and as you inhale, pair the Will with the Breath so that the lower belly is filled with energy. As you exhale, push and concentrate this energy from the reservoir into the sphere at the base of the spine. With each breath, feel the Serpents become restless, feel the pressure at the base of the spine increase. Be careful at this point to maintain deep concentration. If you don't, with the increased energy levels, you are likely to fall into visions, and expend the energy built to little or no result. Stoke the fires-the cold and hot fires of the Serpents-using the bellows for at least 7 breathes. The pressure should be intense and the Serpents should be throbbing with energy and power. The next visualisation requires care, and it should be practiced within the mind a few times before the ritual. Visualize and feel the sphere at the base of the spine that contains the red and blue serpents-see the sphere opening at it's top, and the serpents rushing up the spine. They should wind in the same fashion as Hermes' Caduceus, forming a pattern reminiscent of the DNA helix. Where the Serpents cross on your spine are energetic centers-the chakras. These are not exactly the same in each person. Be sure to pay attention to where you sense and perceive these crossings in your inner vision so that you can access them directly yourself, and obtain color/smell/energetic correspondences that are personal. The Serpents should come together within your head, facing each other. This rising of the Serpents will likely be accompanied by a great energetic rush. Once you have established the Serpents of energy winding about the spine, perform the Fountain circulation, pulling white energy up from the feet, through the center of the spine, into the top of the head, and then showering like iridescent raindrops throughout your body and aura. Allow those drops of purified energy to penetrate deeply into your form, renewing you physically and energetically. Perform the Fountain at least seven times-the longer you do this, the better. It is a veritable Font of life.

Open the Book of Squares to the Kamea that has been drawn for the force being worked. Be sure that the Kamea was drawn on the Hour and day of the Planet involved, or during the elemental Tide if an elemental force is being worked with.
Take up the Blessed Bowl. Using your fingers, draw a hexagram using the Holy Water upon your forehead and state "I purify with Water". Take up the Incense and, drawing a hexagram carefully before the forehead, state "I consecrate with Fire". Strive to feel a sensation of cold pervading the Temple during the purification, and a sensation of heat during the consecration.
Fall to your knees, facing the east. Place your hands upon the ground, forming a triangle pointing East, and place your forehead upon this triangle. Take a deep breath, and as you exhale proclaim, "Lord of All, Root and Source and Substance of Being, I adore you!" It is important to speak with your awareness in your heart center (Tipareth). Rise up, full of adoration for the Lord of All.
Perform an invitation to and Invocation of the Holy Guardian Angel. This is to be a personal ritual that is shared with no one but your sons and daughters. It needn't be lengthy, only heartfelt. Be sure to carefully formulate an image of this divine personage, at some point in this ritual, and to carefully take on that image yourself in a fashion similar to the classical Golden Dawn Assumption of the Godform. You will know you've done it correctly when a certain peace comes over you, a confidence, a blanket of reassurance. You will be filled with a gentle Authority, ready to command and guide the forces according to your will.
Assume a Godform corresponding to the force. This may be a form of any tradition, related to the force, that resonates with you.
Awaken the Square by vibrating it's Holy Name. The Holy Name of the Square is the name formed by the number given when adding up its columns or rows, using the Hebrew alphabet. This number should be the same whether adding the numbers of the square vertically or horizontally. As you vibrate the name of the Kamea, visualize it's borders and characters as glowing or emitting a soft light. This may happen spontaneously, but if it does not, strive to visualize it yourself. It will happen of it's own accord in time.
Create the Vortex of Light by performing a circumambulation around the Temple. Take up the Wand of Art by the color band related to the force you are working with. Begin in the Northeast, and move clockwise, giving the Sign of the Enterer and projecting energy forward into the vortex every time you pass the East. Circumambulate 7 times. The vortex is put in place as an energetic path of Manifestation for the energies of the force that are about to be invoked-it should be visualized as a Spiral, beginning in the heavens above at it's widest point and terminating within your Aura and temple at the smallest point of the cone. Visualize the energies of the vortex as a brilliant golden-white; when you vibrate the hierarchy next, the vortex will change color to match that of the force being invoked.
To Vibrate the Hierarchy, begin with the Holy Name of God as listed in the planetary correspondences section, and work your way down. Draw the Sigil of each entity in the air with the Wand as you vibrate them, visualizing them in rich golden light. This is done to create a path of manifestation for the pure energy of the Planet, and also to solidify your Magical Authority over the Spirit of the Force. If you are doing an Evocation of the Spirit, after vibrating all the way down to the Angel directly above the Spirit, the Spirit can be commanded to appear before the Thaumaturgist. After Vibrating the hierarchy, the temple becomes filled with the Force, and the Vortex takes on the Color of the Force.

State the Intent of the Ritual-if it is to charge a Talisman or Gamahe, state the intent clearly, and then project energy into the material basis using the Sign of the Enterer. Charge the talisman repeatedly until you tire, and then give the Sign of Silence to seal the energetic current within. Wrap it in black cloth, and store it somewhere safe. If the intent is to balance the energy within the self, craft the statement so that it is simple and clear. This is also the point during which you may sit in your Throne and Scry.

Perform the Middle Pillar Ritual, to circulate and calibrate the invoked energy within the Aura. This ritual works to balance the energies invoked using the Holy Names vibrated within the energetic body, preventing an unsafe accumulation of the energy within your Sphere.
In a spontaneous, heartfelt fashion, offer your sincere gratitude to the forces you have worked with.
Dismiss the Force by Drawing the Seal of the Planet of the Square over the Altar using the Saturnian Banishing Dagger, and physically draw the seal over the Kamea within the Book of Squares.Move to the Southeast. Circumambulate counter-clockwise, in a reversal of the previouscircumambulation. As you move past the East, and give the Sign of the Enterer, visualize the Vortex fading and retreating back into the Aether.
Divest yourself of any God-forms assumed during the ritual. Do so respectfully.
Perform the Rose Cross ritual, to seal the aura and conceal the thaumaturgist from non-physical entities. This ritual, in combination with the Drawing of the Seal, takes the place of the Banishing in other works. The Drawing of the Seal dismisses the forces, and Rose Cross ritual creates a concealing shroud around the thaumaturgist on the Astral, making him invisible to entities that exist there.

The Rose-Cross Ritual

Begin by lighting a stick of incense. Move to the South East corner of the room. Using the incense, make first a cross, and then a circle in the air before you. The circumference of the cross should by smaller than the arms of the cross. The end result should be a solar cross. Do not visualize anything at all whilst doing this! The Rose Cross rituals creates an astral veil of sorts around the Thaumaturgist, making him less visible to entities on the astral plane. Visualization and vibration, especially when paired together, light up the Astral. Place the incense stick at the center of the cross and circle, and Vibrate-without any visualization-the God-name "YEHESHUA". Perform the Sign of the Enterer, and the Sign of Silence, without the usual attending visualizations. Move to the North West corner and repeat. Move to the North East corner, and repeat. Complete the square by returning to the South East, and placing the point of the incense stick at it's center. Holding the incense above your head, move toward the North West. Stop in the Center of the Room, and create the cross and circle above your head. Continue to the North West, placing the incense at the center of the cross and circle. Turn back toward the South East, and move in that direction, this time holding the incense low. At the center of the room, create the circle and cross at your feet. Continue to the Southeast, placing the incense stick in the center of the cross there. Move to the South West. Moving toward the North East and stopping in the center of the room, reinforce the cross and circle above your head. Continue to the North East. Turn around, and move back toward the South West, stopping once more in the center of the room to reinforce the cross below your feet. Continue to the South West, placing the point of the incense stick into the center of the cross and circle. Moving clockwise, trace the edges of the square, until you have returned to the South East. Now, create a large cross and circle, this time vibrating the God-names "YEHESHUA YEHOVASHAH " as you trace the large circle. Return to the center of the circle, and perform the Sign of Silence. You are now surrounded in a spiritual shroud, and invisible to entities on the Astral planes.


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