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Invocation of GEMNIMB (Governor in the 30th Aethyr TEX)

Invocation of GEMNIMB (30th Aethyr TEX)

Invoked Gemnimb. He showed up in the orb after my Statement of intent, but before I vibrated the 19th call. The call was incredibly intense and powerful-I'm guessing the calls get more powerful personally with use. He wore a blue over-robe ,with a white robe underneath, a blue headband, and a flowering vine winding about him.

I connected my Heart to his, and felt the energetic rush. This time, there was a shock of green, vine-y energy. Interesting. I asked him what his nature was, and he told me he governed over the vegetable nature-the power of nature within man, the broader Spirit of nature on Earth, the fae and other creatures of nature. He told me he could be called upon to assist in workings involving nature. He can provide assistants from the entities he rules over. He showed me images of procreation, and of war-, as if these things were under nature, and therefore under him-but certain aspects of it. The aspects related to the natural force, of course. The culling of populations for promoting the balance, the growth as related to the progress of the system of natural forces. I didn't quite understand every image he sent my way, and will need to meditate further.  I thanked him for his wisdom.

It seems that this Aethyr is Watery in nature. Lots of blue's, and the governor's all seem connected to Watery or Mercurial themes.

Dovinal "called", showed up, and wished to speak. He appeared in the crystal, opened his Book of Myths, and showed me an image of John Constantine, shaking his head. He said "do not be a magician like this, crippled by his weaknesses, ruled by his passions."  He told me to dedicate myself to the angelic magical work, and it would in turn dedicate itself to working me. I felt inspired, and said a short prayer doing just that. I felt blanketed in Grace, and a strong energetic sensation in my mid-torso.
This was timely- I'd been struggling lately with a particular passion. It's been difficult to reign it in....because as soon as I have it wrapped, a perfectly logical reason for expressing that passion in the fashion that I had previously bubbles up. I end up arguing myself into behaviour that I was certain was negative only an hour ago! Since I made the pact with Dovinal I've had success in mastering that particular aspect of myself. Its waaay to early to tell if that mastery is lasting, although the "voice" arguing against my decision for self discipline has been dis-empowered. The same arguements are there, but there's no strength behind them. It's hard to describe.
Anyway, my mindset is very shades of grey these days-there are few things I see as black-and-white. This, I think, is a side effect of working to expand one's perspective. Getting out of your skin now and again, seeing from a floor or so above your regular view make it clear that many of the lines we draw between behaviours are arbitrary, and without a meaning outside of our own cultural and experiential context. This point of view is dangerous, in that it may lead us to indulge in negative behaviours and aspects of ourselves instead of marshalling our will and excercising discipline.
Now, I realize that the truth of a particular point of view isn't nearly as important as it's usefullness;  I can evolve my point of view as much as I like, and it still doesn't change the rules of the plane and level of manifestation I live on.
I think the key is to match the point of view with the passion/habits corresponding plane of action, and work from there.
"Cabal" may have a different meaning in English than it does in French....but if you live in England, it's that definition that matters.
Alright, I'm out of ill-fitting analogies. This was a solid session


  1. These are fascinating experiences you've been describing and I am impressed with your manuscript on Kameothic magick. I was in fact recently wondering what various practical uses there are for Kameas as there seems to be a shortage of information.

    But man, when reading some of these things, I hate finding myself in way over my head. For as much study and practice as I've done, I still find myself going, "Whaaaat...?". Ah, well, all things in time.

    I'm 21. I should probably give myself a break.

  2. Thank you Fra.Reurgere-Only 21? You are Well ahead of where I was at that age! I turned 30 this year myself, and am just getting a good grasp on things. You are doing just fine, take your time.

  3. Yes, I am -- I began looking into occultism when I was very young. My mother once took me into a Barnes and Noble when I was 11 or 12, and as we passed by the New Age section, she paused for a second, picked up a couple of books, showed them to me and said, "Christopher, I want to warn you now before you find this yourself. Anywhere where you find magick, and witchcraft, and the occult -- anywhere where you see these symbols (referring to the pentagram), I want you to turn and run."

    Such began my study.

    Thank you for the encouragement. People like you and RO make a world of difference.

    -Fr. Resurgere

  4. Ahh, interesting. I didn't get started till I was in my late teens-did a lot of reading and studying, but I was afraid to try anything, in case it was all bullshit. =) I so desperately wanted there to be more than the material...all worked out, although it turned out to be almost nothing like I thought it would. When I was young I thought I'd be able to mumble some old words and flames would fly out of my hands. The reality is far better-not that I'd turn that down, should it come up, haha.

    My name is Christopher as well-hope it's served you as well as it has me, and you are very welcome! We need all the bright young magicians we can get.


  5. Haha, thought the same thing myself. And thanks to, I thought irrational things about magick for a while. Then practiced "Christian Wicca", denounced Christianity, practiced (loosely) Wicca for a while, then became a Satanist (LaVeyan), got strung out on drugs, became a Christian and got sober, then started studying the Qabalah and Ritual Magick! I was like, "Ahh!! THAT'S what I supposed to be doing all along!" Found that the Golden Dawn is a wonderful and very compatable path for the Christian Mystic -- possibly one of the best. Much more compatable that trying to combine it with Wicca, IMO.

    Turns out a whole huge wealth of influencial occultists were actually Christian. Who'd a thought? I mean God, Enochian magick, Agrippa, Eliphas Levi -- and I thought originally it was crazy idea.

    Anyhow -- I'll keep reading the blog and let you know how things go as I get started.

    -Fr. Resurgere

  6. Right on-I came from Catholicism, rebelled directly into occultism (chaos magic, goetia, hoodoo), and then ended up full circle in the Golden Dawn with a newfound love for my Christian roots. Like most of us who start out as Catholic, I initially threw the baby out with the bathwater....who knew that all those Masses I was attending was teaching me ritual magic by analogy?=)
    Now, I study and make use of the Western wisdom without allowing modern Christianity to foul it up with it's nonsense. I just lump Yeshua's teachings in with the rest of the Western Mystery Tradition, and enjoy.
    You've squeezed a lot of lessons in that 21 years, Frater!-Fra.AIT


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