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Enochian experiment results


So, the work with the Enochian angels has been very interesting. I've stripped away everything but the calls for this particular operation (with a censer for incense, of course) and a bit of holy water I use for purification before.

For this work I began by using the First 18 calls to imitate the Creation and call the Angels that put the wheels into motion. If you move through the temple with the calls --they give you specific direction with certain calls--you find that you are creating a Spiral of sorts, out from the center, like one of those Fibonacci deals. The first seven calls align you with the Creator, invoke the Archangels of the Seven and the Twelve, and then call the entities of the four Winds. The Eighth call invokes the entities that guard against the hard-boys of the Angelic world, who are great and terrible. They are, of course, invoked in the next whirl of Calls, rotating around the center again as they take up their position on the outer edges of the Spiral.

The 19th call invokes the angels that Are the Aethyrs and opens the gates of the various "worlds". In Leitch's work we see the connection between the Enochian work and the 50 Gates of Wisdom of the Qabalah--the enochian Calls are supposed to be a similar work, something used to enter into direct communion with the Creator itself. To become like Enoch. I decided I'd go ahead and give it a try.

I used the first 18, creating that Spiraling madness that is existence, in imitation of the Creator in it's work. Using the Calls I spoke with it's authority. I then opened the Gates, beginning with the First Gate--again, in imitation of the Creation--and opening them all down through the 30th Gate. From LIL to TEX. Then I used an incantation built from the Names of the Aethyrs to first enter into deep trance, and then to move up through the opened gates experientially. I was hoping to rise up through them and enter into the wisdom of the 0 Gate, behind which is the Creator itself. This is like hoping to win the damn lottery, but whatevs. You don't win if you don't try, haha.

 I lay down after opening the Gates and began the incantation. I didn't stop and enjoy the scenery; I've traveled through all of the Aethyrs at this point in my previous visionary work. This time I am not interested in visionary experiences; my aim is for direct theurgic experience, or direct thaumaturgical result. I incanted the name of each Aethyr until I'd "entered" it. This wasn't difficult to perceive, luckily, as I'd had gnosis of the states of the various Aethyrs before. I went all the way to the top, and was in for a surprise.

I went to LIL, and then I went past LIL, into a blackness. A living blackness. Each Aethyr is a realm, and a door. None are meant for people to simply dwell in; they are gates of Wisdom, like those of Binah for the Qabalists. This blackness was an empty but pregnant place/state--clearly not past the 0 Gate, as I was obviously not become Enoch, haha. I sat in silence for a moment, and then the gnosis of where I was began. This area was of Saturn; his glyph hummed a deep, almost black purple, and then was gone. The phrase "Chamber of Creation" arises in my mind. Interesting. This is the "room" from which the Creator stood--expanded--and created all that is. It is pure potential, un-manifested. Uncreated potential, which is mirrored into physicality. I'm not sure I'm explaining this very well, but it was a thing of Saturn. It was a strange place to be. I thought about how I could apply this, and "pop", a useful little thaumaturgic method came into mind, some interesting things involving lamps, spirit pots, and written spell-papers, wax poppets, the works. Going to experiment with those over the next couple of weeks, see how it works. I imagine they came this way because of my own sorcerous proclivities. Thought worked out great for this, so I thought about how I could enter into the zero Gate. The answer was "Sit here in the darkness forever and long for nothing else, only Union with the One". So, yeah. The Calls can take you right up onto the doorstep. Into the Void, as it were. Can't get past without eliminating any desire that differs from Union with the source. Even the smallest hint of desire for the Other, and the door remains closed.

There's some useful stuff available once ascending into the Chamber of Creation. You can make shit there, and then pull it down back through the Aethyrs with you. This works especially well if you already have a "body" in which to ground the principle prepared in the physical. There are keys to making this work, thaumaturgically. The key in this instance is the Blood of the alchemist; whatever is conceived in the Chamber is expressed in the flesh when the mind returns fully to it. The basis itself --I've used wax and paper so far--needs to be baptized with a small measure of blood. This allows the thing created in the Chamber to find expression in the outside world; in the body, the skin is of Saturn, and is the barrier between yourself and the outside world. Piercing it to allow some blood to escape, allows the thing within to escape from the uncreated state into the world of's interesting stuff. a bunch to it, of course. I'll write more on it later.

I'm obviously not John Dee, so don't feel like I'm saying my methods here are anywhere near how Enochian should be defined. This method is going to avoid visionary experience entirely, with an aim for direct gnosis, and results based magics. No SDA or any of that; DuQuette has already done the Vision method, and done it very well. Amazingly well. This is more of a conjure approach, or at least my conjure approach, hahaha.

I'll talk more later, hope all are well.


  1. Quick question what's a SDA, I keep seeing this very often lol

  2. The Sigillum Dei Ameth =) A carved wax circular deal, used in enochian vision magic to assist the magician in visionary communcative sequences with the Enochian entities.

  3. You should ask them for some powers like healing etc.

  4. I am at the moment of looking in web for other people's experiences working with keys before to work with them myself. Your post was very helpful


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