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Sons of Saturn, Traveling to Mythic Places


As alchemists, as magicians and conjurers, our relationship with Saturn and his entities is--in my extremely biased but relatively learned opinion--of the utmost importance, especially if we aim to complete the Great Work in this lifetime. It is by traveling through Saturn that we can become as demi-gods ourselves. We need only look to his most famous Son, the holy Hermes Trismegistus, for a fine example. See the Divine Pymander for this understanding, in which it is given that Hermes Thrice-Greatest--much like Jupiter and other august Gods--is a son of Saturn. The difference we see in the Thrice-Greatest is that he is also a Man. He is our template, the Great Example of what can be accomplished by men born of earth. Also, if you haven't read the Divine Pymander yet and you are a practicing Western magician...get on that shit. You need this like a Christian needs a bible. This applies to conjurers of the West as well.

I was led toward Tartaros--a hell-ish Abyss-- by my HGA, to further understand my patron's Nature and to have a clearer, personal line of "connection" from him. (This is where Jupiter bound him, in lore.) To come to him directly, and then to ground what gnosis I'm blessed to receive here in the manifest realm. In what form remains to be seen; I'm working on integrating the rites he has given me into my small Alchemical order, which he seems fine with. He has a specific method for enabling the completion of the Great Work, which of course comes through filtered with the lens of my training and understanding. I was pondering the alchemical work in general when work that some of my brothers where doing, and some proper divination, led me in this direction.

So, not being a fool, I did some research and then connected with my Patron.(Wouldn't you, if you were going to attempt to visit/enter into gnosis of a hellish environment in which Titans are imprisoned?) Turns out, Tartaros is not where I needed to go, I needed to research Tartaros to learn of my next step; I could connect with Saturnus there, but it wasn't the connection I needed. I'd had that part of the gnosis already, apparently. I read further into Saturn's lore, and learned some startling things.

**A quick note--"travel" to mythic places in which Patron Gods/Godesses abide isn't a matter of jaunting around in an astral or mental body and having a least, not necessarily. That can be done in order to induce a vision that increases understanding, but that isn't true Traveling; it's like sending an email--with all the possible mis-interpretations of text-only communications--instead of visiting someone at their home physically. True traveling is acquiring a State of Being, entering into commune with a Place. Tartoros is one such state, one such place. So. When next you wish to travel to some mythic place, and to do so as an Adept should, you will invoke it and use whatever Key your God has given you. Then, you will look about your world and find you are seeing from the Mythic place, that it all about you. This is similar to the spirit-walking technique you see in Native-American lore.....I have definitely already been to Tartaros. This is how we approach mythic places while still in the flesh, they are filtered through Saturn's gate into material experience, just like everything else.

Saturnus isn't just "in" Tartaros, as far as mythic places go--in lore, Jupiter later freed him after binding him there. He rules a land in the Underworld called the Isle of the Blest. It is the Elysium, where those who've ascended into Heroic status go to live among beauty and plenty after death. In order to gain entry into these Elysian fields, one had to die and be reborn three times, in such away that each life was judged exceptionally pure and just. It is over these persons that Saturnus rules. Tremendously interesting. I would not have known that were it not for my work with a certain gentlemanly group of Jovian enthusiasts. I'm planning a working involving sacrifice to Saturn, descent into the underworld and arrival at the Elysian Fields on Saturday. I plan on staying there the entire day...will be sure to share what I can of the experience.



  1. Good times, man. Enjoy your stay with The Happy Mystic Bands!

  2. Interesting! I've had the phrase "Sons of Saturn" stuck in my head for the lasts week. You may note that the Saturnine current was stirred up by the Full Moon in Capricorn on the 14th.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Right on Austin!--I need to start paying attention to the transits and the like.....


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