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Method and Results: Kronus and the Elysium


After having done my research, I planned the ritual for the second hour of Saturn on Saturday. Nice and twilight-y. I made some special materials in order to connect with Kronus though the old days, they sacrificed to Saturn by throwing a pig into a deep cave. Having neither pig to slaughter, nor deep cave, I improvised by creating a deep hooded bowl for offering out of clay, which had a small raised area for burning offerings and two small indentations, one for incense and the other for liquid offering (honey or wine). This sat in the center of the altar with an image of Kronus, the materials for the offering and a Saturnian spagyric elixir, and my tablet (from which I would read the incantation). I cleansed myself with holy water and then anointed myself with a holy oil, as the hour came around. I censed the room with my banishing incense, and gave the ole' "HEKAS...etc.etc." Room was lovely and clear, felt holy. This was good.

Next I built the Tower of Art (this particular ritual is one of the Ordo Octopi's, meant to call purified and balanced Virtue into the sphere of sensation while invoking the presence of the Holy Daimon. )  so that I had a proper place to stand during the Incantation. Also important in this instance because I'm attempting to Travel to a place that only allows Heroes and Demi-Gods entrance....and I'm not either. So, the good hand of my H.Daimon may provide entrance where otherwise there was none. Maybe. After this is done, I intone the Orphic Hymn to Saturn. I usually use the incantations from the Picatrix for my planetary work, but thought the Orphic Hymn was especially good for this situation, visiting a mythic Greek place. I burn the offeratory incense, and then burn a chunk of pork belly in the offering bowl (my substitute for the pig carcass). I take the elixir (which is made with Grappa and certain Saturnian herbs) to encourage by Virtue and by Grappa (haha) the light trance. I make my requests to Kronus, and sung of my intent to travel to the Elysian Fields. I planned to wrap up the rite from here and go walking, and let the vision of the Fields materialize in the world about me, but instead felt deeply lethargic, and the desire to sit for a moment. I did so, and closed my eyes, and found myself there.The vision was very intense, with a richness that surprised me.

Verdant green fields, with rolling hills. Trees filled with jasmine-scented white flowers, that whispered in the wind. The light was golden and somehow thick, as if the air itself where honeyed. A truly beautiful place, this was. There were two entities before me, who seemed both welcoming and silent. And strange. A one-eyed fellow with a huge and simple smile, and a grey haired fellow who looked vaguely Japanese. Interesting. I called out to Kronus. Kronus spoke to me with the wind, as if the Isle of the Blest was made of his substance. I didn't get to travel about and see more, unfortunately. I suspect that the Isles are similar to the Enochian Aethyrs, in that you need to meet certain requirements to be able to penetrate. The traditional requirements for entering the Isles is being a Hero that has died honorably after living a blameless life...and returned thrice to Earth. So, yeah. Helluva red rope, there. Feel lucky that I was able to see it, and converse listen to Kronus speak on the air.

Came out of the trance with a feeling of euphoria and lightness. It was an interesting bit of work. The rest of that day my perceptions were slightly altered, so that all had the golden glow of the Isles. It was subtle, but there. Lovely! All in all a worthwhile experience. It was absolutely wonderful to connect with Kronus/Saturnus in a way that was entirely pleasant!



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  2. "But where in California can I find a mephitic cave with hallucinogenic vapors?"

  3. That is a damn good question...


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