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The Death-Litany of Saturn, Putrefication


So, in some Alchemical systems, there is a very important step that involves the rising of the Saturnian force from the interior Metal at the base of the spine. (This relates to the 8th operation, and the Sign Scorpio within the system outlined by Paul Foster Case.) This step is the Putrefication, during which the personality is reduced into the Black Powder, and "destroyed". This step is an important one before Incineration, which is referred to as the Invocation of the Holy Guardian Angel in Magical circles. This isn't quite as horrifying as it sounds at first blush. What it does is destroy the Soul's identification with the personality as the Self; in the end you are still You--as you have always been--but you become aware the "You" isn't your personality, but that you operate through the personality. It's important to understand that this isn't a purely psychological thing; it is a phenomena that involves the nerve-centers that correspond with the metals Saturn and Mars in the physical body, the corresponding energetic centers, and the Mind of the Alchemist. Alchemical operations work upon the First Matter on every level that it manifests through the planes. When this happened to me, I was not prepared, and didn't know what the hell was going on. I'd been studying Alchemy and Magic for some time, but my understanding hadn't extended this far yet. I knew of the Kundalini force in general, but knew little of our own Western Way of working with the rising Serpents.

**On a quick off note, if you don't have access to an Alchemical Order, or a Master to apprentice with, Paul Foster Case's "Hermetic Alchemy" in combination with and meditation on the emblems within Daniel Stolices' "Hermetic Garden" are in my opinion the best tools to build a practical Alchemical practice out of. If you've attained the Keys through hard work and prayer, you'll find just about everything you need here. There are a number of different Alchemical processes within the Western system alone, that enable one to complete the Great Work, and this one will get you there. PF Case only creates the outline of a practice, and helps with understanding. You'll need to do the rest yourself.***

I was in Las Vegas on vacation. I'd been very active in my energetic work at the time, working toward making my bodies "subtle", filling them with the LVX. I laid down to rest, and after an indeterminate amount of time awoke startled in the darkness. There was a thunderous vibrating and buzzing occurring at the root of my spine. I could hear it and feel it, even the sound was "physical", although I'm sure it was an internal phenomena.  I was immediately confused, as there was no sensation of heat or cold...which is what I expected. Instead, somehow I'd loosed a hive of bees into my spine. I was terrified, at first. Then it began to move up; it rose steadily up my spine vibrating and humming all along. No temperature, just pressure. I couldn't move while it happened. When it reached my head, lights out. Complete blackness, but so black that there was light. Yes, that makes no sense....I'm aware, but it's true. It was a a black void that was packed with Something, permeated with it. There was nothing but this Thing, and I attempted to look at myself, and saw nothing there either, and then I realized the truth of the One thing. You're left like a newborn child, aware at that moment of the truth of things before the Salt-force completes the illusion of separation from the One. I'm not sure how long I stayed in that State, but it was a while. Or a moment. One of those deals. This is Saturn devouring a person, who is reborn as a child. You'll find this in many of the Alchemical Emblems. 

It took a long time for me to realize what had happened. The full fruits of this sort of thing aren't immediately clear when one is working without a roadmap. It's important to meditate and divine soon after, and to write down the details while they are fresh in your mind. I've since created/been inspired to create an operation that results in this experience--the Death Litany of Saturn. Which Saturn prefers I communicate to persons on a one-to-one basis. Persons who've worked with him, created a relationship. If you're such a person, and you would like the ritual, please feel free to send me an email, and I can give you the ritual. I'll need to do a horary to confirm you're one of Saturn's initiates, and that this is for you. It isn't an extremely complicated ritual, but it can be terrifying and life-changing if you stick with it. You know how Saturn rolls. 

You could certainly just go directly to Saturn for a ritual, of course!

Some inspiring words from Tool, in "the Grudge":

Saturn comes back around to show you everything 
Let's you choose what you will, will not see and then 
Drags you down like a stone or lifts you up again 
Spits you out like a child, light and innocent 


  1. Deeply profound, frater. I'm love this.

  2. Thank you kindly, Fraters and Soror!

  3. If it's OK to ask, is that experience what you call the Crossing of the Abyss?

  4. @ Anon,

    Hmm....well, you certainly cross an Abyss, not sure if it's quite the same as the Crossing of the Abyss found in Fra Perdurabo's lore.

  5. Hi, can you share the book of Paul Foster Case where he describes the operations you refer to above? While I know about his contributions to Tarot-Studies in the US, I am not familiar with his work on alchemical or inner operations yet. Thank you.

  6. Argh... stupid me! You call it out in the text and I found it. Apologies.

  7. Hi, I know this blog post is quite old but it has always remained at the back of my head since you published it. As someone who has also encountered the death-force of Saturn, I had always intended on writing something in response but I never got around to it until now. I just started my own blog and I wanted to share my response:

    Enjoy :)

    In L.V.X.


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