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Initiation into the Great Rite


This was the highlight of Pantheacon and a major landmark in my magical career. An absolutely incredible experience! My wife and I took Initiation into the Great Rite on Sunday, and both the teachings and the current are rich and powerful. I'm somewhat at a loss to communicate all my feelings about it. It opened doors for me on a number of levels.

The Great Rite initiation is built around empowerment and  instruction in Inner Alchemy. The techniques of Western Inner Alchemy are not imaginative, they aren't pure visualization. They are physical and visceral. They work directly upon the physical body to refine the Prima Materia, and they are wonderfully effective. It was a wondrous moment for me; having all of the emblems and manuscripts I studied over the years open up in new ways....beautiful. I was able, without ceremony or ritual, to manipulate my body's energies and enter into ecstatic states. I can do so at will, using the practices I have learned--nowhere near as well as my teachers, but well enough to see that the road is clear. I've had access to trance-states at will for years with the use of mudra and incantation, but those weren't ecstatic states; they weren't filled with the Universal Love which allows us to lose ourselves in the One.  Absolutely incredible! The techniques are powerful, and have the power to transmute not just the Self, but also the loving relationship with the partner. They aren't about intercourse at all--more "Love" Magic than "Sex" Magic, although the polarity-sex forces are of course involved. These aren't re-hashed techniques from elsewhere, either....a deep and powerful Western Tradition, one that has been subtly empowering Western movements for millennia.

This is such an important thing for the Western Tradition, I don't think it can be over-emphasized. Much of what Westerners had gone to the East for--thinking our own tradition missing these important practices-- is now available for everyone.  Not just for those of us who've spent decades toiling away in study (although, that study is rewarded when Alchemy is put into practice, as it gives deep insight into what's going on within), but for any who make the effort in good faith. No need to be in the Golden Dawn, it doesn't matter what your spiritual "denomination" is.  I was amazed--and still am--at the wisdom and warmth High Priestess Diana and High Priest Dianus extended all of us in attendance. They have a presence; Dianus a warm teacher, and Diana was a force. She was beyond gracious, and lovely. Filled with a deep and subtle power. I've never encountered an Adept with her nature. She was filled with Goddess, . Ahh, I can't express it well. She was like a hurricane in a tiny, smiling bottle. I felt humbled. This was a first for me.

I've worked with folk esoterically and exoterically with high spiritual standing...from Adepts to Catholic Bishops. None could compare. I've never experienced someone like this, or something like this.

Dianus was powerful in his own way as well, immediately comforting complete strangers with his wit and aura of welcome. He had none of the arrogance associated with powerful people, but was gentle and supportive. Amazing people.

Lupercus and Aegeria were excellent facilitators, teaching by example and providing translation for the High Priestess and High Priest.

 I couldn't have asked for better initiators.

I'm gushing here, but that's because this was awesome. If you are at all interested in Western Alchemy or Theurgy I would thoroughly encourage you to take initiation into this Rite.


  1. For that alone I would have loved to be able to travel to Pantheacon! I will keep them on my radar. Thank you Brother!

  2. @ Fra Jow,

    Would have been fantastic to have you there!

  3. It was a great pleasure for both Aegeria and I to be present at your initiation in The Great Rite. Having practiced spagery for so many years, you are in a unique position to evaluate the true value of Egyptian Alchemy of Love. BTW, you gave me the idea to change the name from Egyptian Sexual Alchemy to Egyptian Alchemy of Love. It is far more apt, as both you and your wife have discovered.

    I would like to point out that there is a complete report, photos, etc. of Lady Diana del Bosco Sacro's appearance at Pantheacon available on the Golden Dawn blog. There is a direct link to the article clicking on my name above.

  4. Care Fratres A.I.T. and L.E.S.,

    I agree with you that "love" is a more precise term for what we do when we practice Internal Hermetic Alchemy. That is my experience as well. Sexual union is simple the physical equivalent of the universal principle of Love, holding the entire Universe together. I have never felt more unified, close and in synch with my wife spiritually and emotionally than when I practice Hermetic Inner Alchemy with her.

    In Licht, Leben und Liebe,

  5. so how do i gat started with this initiation i cant wait.. from obina


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