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Blogging Pantheacon


So, I live maybe 10 minutes away from where Pantheacon is held, and I'm going to be all up in it. I'll be photo and video blogging throughout the conference .***This is your warning, beloved peers. Best brush the crumbs out of your beard, cuz you're going on the internets.***

I'm planning on interviewing folk when I can, and will live blog some of the events. Definitely will tweet the hell out of them, anyway.

I've never been to a Pagan conference of any sort, definitely looking forward to it.


  1. Definitely cool. Wish you the best Frater A.I.T.


  2. Have fun man! Pantheacon is one of those things an east coaster like myself finds it hard to get to. Be our man on the street!

  3. Frater A.I.T. -

    I will be there as well - presenting two workshops. Look me up - we have friends in common.

    Frater Barrabbas

  4. Awesome. I'll be checking continuously. (Or I could just check twitter.)

    If there are any photos of you, you better be wearing an indiana-jones-style hat with a large ticket that says "Press" jammed in the side of it.

  5. See, I was going to attend before... But now that you've warned me, fuggit. Hah!

    (VVF and I might not have the money to attend; if we do, we'll be there, though.)

  6. This sounds prettc cool. Have fun and looking forward to your reports, Interviews etc...

  7. @ Fra Barrabbas,

    I'll definitely look you up, Frater. Looking forward to meeting you-AIT

  8. @ Gordon,

    I wish! My heads too big for normal person hats, unfortunately. Perhaps I'll start rocking a turban.

    I'm planning on wearing a three-piece suit and a small briefcase for my kit. They won't be able to miss me. I imagine wearing a suit to Pantheacon will be similar to wearing scuba gear to a board meeting. I'll stand out.

    Also, I'm Black. There are going to be, like, four of us there tops.


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