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Hermes, Communications, Lord of HTML , CSS and PHP


One of my gentleman-sorcerer friends (the good Jack Faust, who's excellent blog may be found here)has been working on further tuning up the visuals he has going. This being the interwebz, that means fun with programming languages. As a web designer/developer I regularly have to stare at flickering screens searching for errors in the code that I write, and spend even more time searching around for code I can use to solve problems/add features to clients' websites.(This is when I'm not working my regular job as a Chef/Manager). It never occurred to me until recently that I should get Magic involved in this process.

Hermes, God of Communication, is perfect for this. If you find yourself stumped take a moment to request his help. Below is a quick method I use:

Light a sweet-smelling incense.

Say the following prayer to Hermes, whilst meditating upon an image of him:

Orphic Hymn to Hermes

Angel of Zeus,
son of Maia,
you judge
every competition.

Good shepherd,
priest and sage,
celestial messenger
of a thousand techniques,

you lulled and slayed
hundred eyed Argos
to give the peacock
gorgeous feathers.

Gracious prophet,
guide and guardian,
you love gymnastics,
secrets and tricks.

Giver of good things,
ready helper,
your gifts are
casually found treasures.

You give gain,
honest or dishonest.
Doorways, roads
and borders amuse you.

Wings on your feet
you soar through space
singing all music
in every language.

With a touch
of your wand
you bring sleep,
a dream or demise.

We honor you, Hermes,
help us in our work.
Give us eloquent speech
and eager virility.

Give us our necessities
and sharp memory.
Give us good luck.
Close our lives in peace.

Call upon Hermes and state your request.

Take a libation of Mead or Ethiopian Tej (both made of Honey), after asking for his blessing, and drink it in His honor.

It is, of course, wise to do this during the Day and Hour of Mercury. Any time during when Mercury isn't afflicted will do.

Oftentimes Hermes will visit you in your dreams, (be they of the day or night variety), and inspire a solution. Be sure to thank him with more Tej if when he does!


  1. Dude. Awesome. I think there's also a petition to Hermes for various tasks in the PGM that might work. I'll definitely check later tonight.

    Also: my tarot readings have indicated that he's willing to accept Wild Turkey's "whiskey-honey liquor," too. What's life without a bit more Bourbon?

  2. Hmm...I would be very interested in seeing that petition! Let me know what you discover.

    Whiskey-honey liquor sounds absolutely delicious. I don't know about this life without Bourbon business, but I'm certainly Not willing to try and find out what it's like.


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