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Western Healing System


I've decided to go ahead and post my small pamphlet on healing "The Book of the Blossoming Flower".  I wrote it because I felt we were lacking in an organized system for energetic healing. ( I have read and used Isreal Regardie's Art of True Healing...I think it's a nice start, but found it lacking. It comes down to "Raise energy, and then communicate you're healthy energy state through alchemical contagion/proximity". That just seems lazy to me; we can do better than that. Instead of bitching about it, I figured I'd try my hand and contribute.) We have herbalism, but that is more a body of knowledge than a multi-layered system, and I wanted to include the ceremonial methods I've learned as a Magician of the Golden Dawn.

It's short, but incorporates parts of my personal practice that I think may be of use to others.  It's written for folks familiar with the Golden Dawn ritual battery; if you do read it and have any questions, feel free to email me or post them in the comments. This is entirely my own work (inspired by IMHOTEP, to whom I express deep gratitude!) and is not an official Order paper or anything of that sort. So, here's a reasonably complete Western style of energetic healing. Enjoy, Fraters and Sorors! Let me know what you think; I will grow and revise as my own practice develops, and am always open to ideas.




  1. Awesome!

    I've sent the link to my workmail so I can print it out tomorrow.

    Ahhh, fresh tube reading. How exciting!

  2. Thanks frater, hope you find it interesting!

  3. Ave et Care H Frater A. I. T.

    Great reading! And a fascinating use of the Godform of Imhotep. I've really wanted to have a look at this since you mentioned it some time ago. I have a few questions, though...

    In Part 7 of the Making of Spagyric Elixirs, you mention getting a second lot of the same plant to calcinate as well as the first, to increase the remainder of Salt - does this second lot of plant need to be processed as a tincture as well?

    Also, what measurement of plant material in terms of grams and kilograms do you recommend to have an ideal amount after the process is complete, for mixing with paints, healing rituals, scrying, etc?

    And finally, when creating the Unda Superum, are you suggesting charging the elixir with the energies of its own Element/Sign/Planet e.g. the GIRH of Luna for a Lunar Elixir, the GIRP of Leo for a Leo Elixir, etc. (which is what I assume you mean), or that of Spirit or Sol for all?

    Sorry to ask really obvious questions, but I was quite impressed with the synthesis, and want to be sure I understand you.

    It would be good to speak to you about HOGD stuff sub rosa - I wonder if you would be okay with that? I don't know how, but it would be cool to chat by e-mail, and great for me.

    Hope this posting finds you well,

    In LVX,

    Frater LIL

  4. Ave Frater LIL,

    Glad to here you're enjoying it, and thanks for the questions! You only need to calcine the plant matter to add to the amount of salt you receive after leaching; it neednt undergo the process for making a tincture, as all we need from it is the salt.

    I've used a ratio of 1 part elixir/superum to 10 parts paint
    ....mostly because its a harmonius ratio, to great effect. Feel free to experiment, of course, but this ratio works perfectly for me.

    You're right on about the Unda Superum; charge the elixir with the loaded magical force appropriate for its correspondence.

    we can certainly speak of Order matters anytime--email me at Thanks again for the good questions, Frater!

    In LVX,

    H Fra AIT

  5. Care,

    Thanks very much H Frater, for the answers and the contact.
    I shall be in touch soon.

    Have a wondrous week,

    In LVX,

    Frater LIL

  6. Frater, just a heads up,
    adding extra plant material is not quite kosher from a classic alchemical perspective.

    It is better to start witha massive amount of prima materia instead, as the entire prima materia should go thourgh the process to become ultima materia.

  7. And, (!) the text is very very nice and it is good to see "the pamphlet publishing" in action

  8. Care Fra Argent,

    Thanks for sharing your perspective and insight! While this may not be kosher from a classical alchemical perspective, one need look no further than to Frater Albertus for a modern day Spagyrical precedent.

    In practice, I've found that putting huge amounts of plant material through the intitial process is unnecessarily incovenient (where does one find a hermetic container that large? How does one create enough of the penetrating mercury to cover all that up if one does? It would take months just to make the Mercury from the wine! After all that is done, where can one put such a thing where it will remain undisturbed?) As long as the plant matter is taken of the same plant, Salt is Salt. We also have the option now of storing Salt for use in future preparations of the Elixir. This is especially useful when taking Planetary Elections into consideration, where the window of time for the best results may be short.

    I have found in practice that some plants calcine down to almost nothing, leaving little body left for the leeching. Especially if they are taken completely to the White phase (as they should be). This way is the best I've discovered...I am, of course, always happy to hear different solutions from Fraters and Sorors who practice as well! Thanks again, and for the compliment.


  9. That also reminds me, I didn't give the method for creating Mercury from Wine in the Manuscript, but definitely recommend using that mercury. I've of late been using a penetrative Alkahest as communicated by Fra Albertus, made from Red Wine Vinegar. It has given me the best results so far.


  10. Frater,

    Do post the method for creating the mercury as per Fr Albertus texts.

    Of course for some things it is fully ok to add extra salt, like when we are basically making a tincture/simple elixir and adding salt for the but when doing hermetic alchemy to create the various Stones, gold, etc and using it for the inner process at the same time, then follow the rule "no added salt"! :D
    The amount of different parts that remain after the process is an important indication. Some prima materia reduces to almost no salt, whereas others leave a massive amount.
    Yumm. :)

    Also, since chemicaly the salt makes little to no difference, we have to look in the non-material realm for the reason of the salt, and in that case the amount left over from the original prima materia is relevant.

    tasty as I am, nobody should not cannibalise my inner salt if theirs runs out during their own inner alchemy process ;)

  11. Fra Argent,

    I misspoke when I attributed the method to Albertus; it was Manfred Junius in his "Practical Handbook of Plant Alchemy" who gives this to us.

    This is the method I use, culled from Fra Junius' way. It isn't the exact method he used, but my personal adaptation--the original can be found in Junius' Handbook:

    Take a jug of red wine vinegar, and another container that can hold its measure. Freeze the first jug solid. Overnight, place the frozen jug upside down over/within the container so that the drippings flow into the container. At sunrise, you will find you have an icy water plug in the jug and concentrated red wine vinegar in the bottom. Take the ice and place it in a separate container, and then repeat this process another six times. The vinegar will be very concentrated, and continue to save the water, as we will use it later.

    Take up the concentrated vinegar, and distill it. You will have a red tincture in the retort, and a clear concentrated vinegar in the receiver. Recombine, and distill a total of 7 times.

    Take the red tincture and combine it with an equal measure of the water saved from the previous operation. Boil this down until it reaches a thick, honey-like consistency. Continue to heat it until it is dry. Take up the "honey" and calcine it, burning it until it reaches the White. Grind it down into powder with the mortar & pestle, and dissolve the powder in distilled water in order to extract it as Salt.

    Dissolve this Salt within the concentrated vinegar. Take some purified alcohol (made previously from wine) and place it within the receiver. Place the loaded and concentrated Vinegar within the retort, and apply gentle heat. After about an hour the distillation should be complete, and what's left in the flask should be reduced and used to create Salt. Dissolve this in the concentrated vinegar, and then close it up in a flask. Place the flask where it can be warmed gently by the Sun, and let the circulation take place for 1 week. Distill this into the previously prepared alcohol as well, and then seal the whole mixture. You have the Alkahest.

    I've used it to quickly penetrate and extract the Sulfur from herbs, and from crystals (just Rose Quartz thus far). It works well for me! Of course, feel free to use Junius' method straight from the source.

    Thanks again Frater! I'm with you on not giving away your personal Salts to others.....tasty as you may be.=)



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