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A wonderful, wondrous day!


Yesterday I was walking, as if in a dream, within a friend's garden (one Daniel Stolcius, to be exact.) It was a beautiful day, with the sort of soft Golden light that is common in dreams of the best kind...and California in the springtime. I looked about me and noticed a profound change; the features I had assumed familiarity with where all different. The budding plants were flowering, and the Birds no longer sang in song during their journey between the heavens and the earth, but spoke plainly. My heart was filled with joy! I sat in silence for a moment, and looked deep within the Earth, with the aid and comfort of the Garden's many splendors.

 I found that the tenants of the Garden where reflections of the mineral and metallic life within the Earth. While observing the contents of the Earth I became aware of and made acquaintance with the Red King. I immediately recognized him, as we had wrestled in the past. He ruled the entirety of the Earth. His lust for Sensation was legendary, and I knew that without the ameliorating influence of the White Queen he would be a tyrant and a despot. They had to be joined in loving Marriage, if the Earth itself where to gain closer relation to the Heavens above. Much like in Chess, the Queen's movements are far more wide-ranging than the kings, and her relations are higher in Glory and closeness to God above. She shares with the Kingdom the  experience of the lower heavens. The Red King and the White Queen, when joined together as One in Marriage, may give birth to a blessed child (of the line of Hermes), who will inherit the Solar Crown when he is grown. The King must be reliant upon the Queen's Wisdom, if a successful Wedding is to occur.

Before this Wedding can take place, the bridal chamber--the Earth itself--needs to be prepared. Through the Alchemical Art these metals are purified into Gold with Fire, by application of Sulfur and Argent Vive (the fire must be fed also with air, and not Sulfur alone). When the Chamber is prepared, and the Metals within the Earth brought into a pure and harmonious state, the Wedding itself can take place. Then the paths of the Moon and Sun will be opened within the Earth, and the Serpent that rests within it's bowels free to do God's work. The Son, as he grows strong, will venture forth into the Heavens for council. He will return to the bowels of the Earth and bring the light of Heaven with him.

All this observed in a couple of moments, the result of years and years of study and meditation. Now I return to the Garden frequently to study it's treasures, and feel deeply blessed and loved for what I've received.




  1. Ave Frater A.I.T.,

    what a wonderful experience indeed. It is almost without words when you realize that all the work actually does have an effect, transforms "reality" (however you may define that) and opens other levels of perception (?). Your description somehow reminds me on the "Garden of NEMO" as described in the 13th Aethyr - although that is a bit different.

    In L.V.X.

  2. Ave Frater AIT!

    I have been following your blog for some time now, and I have to tell you how inspirational its been for me over the past six months or more.

    I am a Freemason, although I have been a solitary magician for a lot longer (I had the rather heady experience of starting quite young), and I have been looking into the Golden Dawn tradition again more deeply, and with greatly renewed vigour - which I pray will continue.

    I wanted to comment on the wonderful previous discussion on Freemasonry and its relationship to the G.D. In my discovery of the 'rites and privileges' of Freemasonry, I was expecting a great deal of interesting and inspirational symbology - in this it certainly delivers.

    It is also clear just how much Freemasonry shares, at least cosmetically, with the G.D. Ritual. I found that to be a wonderful resonance, from an historical perspective.

    But my experience of Freemasonic ritual is as the previous Frater described - a solemn and graceful ritual full of latent promise, but sleeping under the generally moralistic and allegorical approach of Craft Freemasonry.

    It does, however, deliver a 'social initiation', if such a thing is not two circumambulations short of ridiculous!

    I commend you and recommend you on your blog.

    It's some of the best and most relevant reading I've done all year (and I read voraciously!)

    Hope that doesn't put you into a spin of overwheening modesty! You've earned the praise, Frater!



  3. Ave Frater Darren,

    You are too kind to me! Thank you, and I hope to hear more about your personal journey in the future. I appreciate you sharing your own Freemasonic experience with me.

    In LVX,

  4. Thank you, Frater A. I. T.

    Having passed the Initiation of the 'Invisible Stations of the Spam Filter', I intend to continue!

    In LVX,



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