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Astrology and Astrological Magic


I'm en-route to undertaking a deep study of Astrology and have thought about how important Astrology is to creating success in ceremonial Magic. The general practice now within the Golden Dawn (and one that is beyond the norm considering the majority of non-GD practitioners that I've encountered seem to pay little attention to the Heavens beyond the state of the Moon when conducting their rituals), when one is working magic with the astrological signs is to create a sidereal chart beforehand in order to determine whether the sign is located auspiciously. This is, of course, all to the good. Fra. RO and others have recently shared the importance of Astrological timing....any experienced Magician will say the same if they're paying attention. I've learned the hard way myself.

I want to do more than simply note which house a Sign is within or what planets are within the House of the Sign I'm working with; I want to do a full election for a given ritual in order to best place it in time and power. I imagine this would be ideal for initiations.** The gentlemen and gentleladies within my Order who conduct Initiations may already be doing this. I would also like to learn traditional Astrological Magic, which is a bit different from our style within the GD/RR et AC. I especially enjoy the creation of images, and the talismanic descriptions given Agrippa are evocative and rich in history. I'm planning on taking Christopher Warnock's course--he is a Master astrologer, and a gent....I've heard nothing but good about his expertise and professionalism. I'm sure there are a couple of different options for training in traditional Horary Astrology; I'll save you some time and research and just recommend you give him a look.

Also, pick up "Christian Astrology". Text I'd never heard of but discovered on Frater Warnock's list. Been studying it in preparation for his class (along with reviewing my Agrippa), and it's a fantastic tome. It should be on your shelf with Agrippa and Bardon and the rest. In my opinion, anyway.




  1. Ave Frater AIT,

    Christopher Warnock's site is great isn't it?

    I found it a while ago and have been considering whether to get the course, especially on electional astrology. I agree with you in the evocative nature of the Images... they still seem to have so much Astral vitality.

    Congratulations on your ascent to Philosophus.

    In LVX,

  2. Ave Fra Darren,

    Thank you kindly! Yes, excellent site, and full of useful information. The Picatrix translation looks especially promising.

    In LVX,


  3. Ave Frater A.I.T.,

    I wonder, does your Order have active Lodges in Britain? If not, it doesn't matter, I will travel.

    After my research into the various options, I am seriously considering applying to join the HOGD/A+O - if they'll have me! ;o).

    This is the third time in my life that the GD has presented itself as an option, and as ever I feel strongly drawn towards it. Having studied the texts and rituals privately for many years, I feel its time to be inclusive. The quality of your blog has influenced my consideration in no small way.

    I wonder, how did you find your way to it all?

    In LVX,

  4. Care Frater Darren,

    Thank you for your kind comments, they are very encouraging! I am unsure as to whether we have active lodges in Britain; I know we have active lodges in France, Germany, and Sweden for sure. Email GH Frater LES at and he can give you information.

    I imagine I found my way to it the same way you did; I worked the rituals myself for a while and got to know the system. I felt there was something missing without the group, and that the discipline required by a tutor would help me get myself moving. It's great to hear that you're considering us. Email me if you have any issues with the process, and thank you again!

    In LVX,


  5. " when one is working magic with the astrological signs is to create a sidereal chart beforehand in order to determine whether the sign is located auspiciously. This is, of course, all to the good. "

    Something that my working group has successfully experimented with in ritual: begin the ritual by "compressing time"

    When an alignment is inauspicious, progress the chart forward until the relevant factors are closer to the ideal. Then, in ritual, invoke the key factors as they stand at the time of the ritual, Taking time to make them fully PRESENT. Then then invoke them again, as they will be at the auspicious date, and proceed with the working as from THAT particular time and place.

    The results have been of two sorts, across 3 workings done in this manner:

    1) The "future date" functions as a magnet, and factors in the present begin to converge in such a way that when that date arrives in "Normal Time", the aim is accomplished. (2 results)

    2) The working functioned in normal time as if conducted on the future date, proceeding linearly forward from there. Prior to that date, no effects were observed- the working effectively sat in the cosmic queue for a time. (1 result of this kind.)

    To date, we've only used this for planetary workings, but intend to see how far up the chain the notion can be made to run.

    Fr. MTP

  6. Care Frater AIT,

    Thank you for both your response and your advice.
    I have worked some effective magic in my time, and yet I feel the need to be part of a supportive community.
    I will e-mail GH Frater LES and ask him for more info, but as I said before, I am perfectly willing to travel for my Initiations.

    The discipline of working with instruction certainly appeals to me. I'm quite self-motivated, but I think that like many others, the solitary Path can cause one to suffer various types of uncertainty and attrition, the sort of thing more easily removed by having the solid experienced advice of another.

    I also get the distinct impression that the Outer Order Curriculum is variable for the individual student, who has to complete much of the work alone in any case. This appeals to me, as there are certain areas of study not included in the traditional Curriculum (as far as it may be followed) that I am interested in exploring as related to the Grades, such as Geomantic magic and using clairvoyance.

    However, I know some may baulk at the very mention of an LBRP, but after using the Pentagram, Hexagram, RCR etc. since just before my teens (horrific temporal distances ago), I still love them. Feels like confessing to a love of watching paint dry, but it's true nonetheless! :o)

    I am currently besieged with an admixture of excitement and foreboding - feels like Magic at work!

    Thank you again, Frater. True to your Earthy Elemental nature you have helped to stabilise my decision. I'm tropically Taurus, but sidereally Aries, exact on the ascendant. So stability is always welcome!

    In LVX and Thanx,



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