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Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram, and Dreams


In my daily work, I've taken to using the LIRP instead of the LBRP to begin my ritual battery -- not as a replacement, but because of the way the ritual battery should work. I've been doing regular LBRP's for years now; my sphere of sensation is pretty well buttressed at this point. Regular magical work has increased my sensitivity to changes in my sphere so that I can tell when something Is off, which is major for me. I used to have to result to divination; now I use divination as a double-check, and find my own "scanning", my own intuition, to be accurate.

The reason I feel it is important to use the LIRP in the opening instead of the LBRP is that for myself the Middle Pillar Ritual is the heart of the daily practice, and the daily practice is on one level about increasing the amount/raising the signature of the LVX in my subtle bodies. I plan to invoke and increase with these rituals, not just balance and level. The Middle Pillar does the work of equilibrating and balancing the energies (through the vibration of the Holy Names of the Sephirah).....the LBRP, with the Rose Cross, do a fine job of closing everything down at the end. Performing the LIRP initially has had a positive effect on the Middle Pillar component of my personal battery, and upon my scrying as well.

This isn't, of course, my Order's teaching on the subject. Just what I find works in my personal practice.

I do feel that it's necessary to close with the LBRP, though-otherwise there is an open, leaky kind of feeling going on.

On another note-had what was basically a lucid dream last night. These have been happening more and more frequently over the last year. They aren't completely lucid, because I am not aware of being in control. I am aware on a level that I am dreaming, and I have complete recall of the dreams upon waking...which is definitely a new thing.

 I dreamt I attended a small clinic-temple, led by some sort of mystic monk (who appeared Eastern) that was about meditation and energy work in the middle of a city. The gentleman moved in a fluid and interesting way, and wore a sort of beaded headdress and had symbols painted upon his face. His robes were a burnt orange, and his acolytes wore golden-yellow robes.  People came to this gentleman for attunements, it seemed. I laid on the altar, and this fellow touched me and there was a fantastic surge of energy into my system that laid me out-I woke up still in the dream, but after 6 hours of dream-time had passed. Called my wife to explain why I didn't come home, and she told me she knew already as she had called the clinic. I asked the acolytes what this was, and they said "Tikkun". I saw the spelling in the dream as well, oddly enough. I remember thinking in the dream that perhaps this was some Thai or Cambodian (this is how the gentlemen monks appeared to me) occult system. I made a note to look it up after I awoke.

Turns out Tikkun is Hebrew, and means repair of, or perfection of...even more interesting. Not sure of what that means or what it's significance might be fore myself, but planning on breaking out the cards to find out this evening. I'm going to have to start writing these dreams down. It's like I'm living two lives at once. I've heard very little talk about dreams in Hermetic circles --our New Age mates talk about it all the time, though. I wonder we don't? It seems clear that these things are important. One of our wiser Fraters brought up their importance a while ago-- other than him I really haven't heard much about their import. Perhaps when one enters the Inner this is discussed more, as Rosicrucian literature is full of dream-like imagery.

 More occurred after that point in the dream, but this is what stood out.




  1. Ok, I admit it, I skimmed your post. I saw the LIRP and LBRP references from afar and skipped ahead. Sorry, I just can't help it.

    But as usual, something popped right out at me, and I reread the whole thing. Tikkun, the essence of the Great Work. Your Work is one of the most fascinating things I've ever seen in the online world of Magic.

    You're doing real magic, the real Great Work using traditional techniques, and at the smame time you're sticking within the GD Lodge structure and rites, going through the initiations and Grades, and it's working, and working really well for you.

    I can't wait to see what comes out of the Alembic as you progress.

  2. Fra Ro,

    Thank you-you are too kind! Made my heart swell, to hear this kind of praise from a deeply admired and respected peer.

    I completely understand about skimming over the LIRP/LBRP bits...I know I usually skip over those too-but you never know if a new frater or soror is reading, and might benefit. It's also become clear to me that my regular battery is the most important part of my Magical work; it's the bedrock everything else is build on, and I always pay a price when I neglect it.

    Thank you again!

  3. Care Fra. A.I.T.,

    Good initiative to use the LIRP. I personally teach its performance already for my Neophytes. However, my recommendation is to always start off with an LBRP and then performing the LIRP. You still need to clear your Sphere of Sensation of any unwanted energy forms, the daily residues, re-equilibrate the aura. And then move on to the performance of the LIPR, MP, and end with LBRP. I believe you will benefit from it even more in this way. It's the same formulae as with the GIRP; you always start off with banishings, and end with them.

    Regarding dream work I fully agree with our Frater that they are very important. Yes, they become more an more important along the way, but I believe it's imortant to be conscious of your dreams already on a earliy level of your work. I would say not later than Theoricus, the Sphere of Luna, the astral and the subconscious.

    Regarding the Tikkun ha-Olam (the restoration of the world), this is the raison d'ĂȘtre of alchemy. In this respect (Lurianic) Qabalah and Hermeticism share its purpose.

    In Licht, Leben und Liebe

  4. Our culture doesnt take dreams that seriously as a whole. The early church fathers who considered dreams as a very viable method of revelation from god and who acted accordingly would be quite taken aback!

    Frater EST

  5. Care VH Fra SR,

    Thank you for the suggestion; makes sense, and I will implement it. If you're using the technique, I'm sure I'm on the right track there.

    I definitely noticed a change in my dream life a couple of years ago-with the most intense dreams following intense energy work. Although, here I am at Philosophus finally paying them real attention when your initiates began years before me; your Neophytes should be made aware of just how lucky they are if they aren't aware already.

    The strength of my average dream experience seems to have risen and changed to the point that my daily dreams are as lucid and intense as my previous augmented-by-energy work dreams. Interesting. I wonder if meditating on the dreams directly after waking could affect this process? I also wonder if is possible to use mystic projection to re-enter the dreaming places (Tel'Aran'Rhiod, for those as nerdy as I) after waking in order to interact at a more wakeful and aware level? Many, many questions. does this relate to the Alchemical process? I'm going to have to do some experimenting.

    Tikkun ha-Olam.....I'd never heard the phrase before you and Fra RO mentioned it, strangely enough. Like my dreams (or perhaps my Inner Sage) are guiding me toward relating them to Alchemy, toward approaching them alchemically instead of as curiosities. Well, they don't have to tell me twice. Time to start incorporating my dream life into the magical journal.

    In LVX,


  6. When you describe the order as LBRP LIRP MP and then LBRP, does the final LBRP come immediately after or is it done at night before bed?

    1. Well, I would say immediately after in this instance.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Thanks friend. A question; if I start with the LBRP and the move to the Invoking, do I still have to repeat the complete ritual (the Cabbalistic Crosses and Archangel's calling)? and if I decide to do the three, LBRP, LIRP (in between rituals) and finish with the LBRP, do I still have to do the whole rituals? Thanks.


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