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Mudra and Glamour in Ritual Magic


For those new to the term, a mudra is a physical action or sign that is linked to a mental/non-physical process.
The mudra is used in a variety of meditative arts; with careful repetition it provides a shortcut to a mental state. For example, you could meditate every day in your regular seated position and cross your fingers once the meditative state is entered. Do this consistently, and with the intent of linking the physical action with the mental state. After some repetition, you will find that almost immediately after performing the mudra you will enter the meditative state, with none of the usual preparatory work required.

 Franz Bardon refers to them as "rituals" in Initiation into Hermetics.

They are an absolutely fantastic tool. I will detail some of their uses below.

  The mudra is absolutely indispensable in the art of Glamour.  Glamours are thought-forms that are built up around a magician in order to alter others' perception of himself, or generate an effect within himself.

 For instance, If you had to walk through a dangerous neighborhood and wanted to decrease the chance of a confrontation happening, you could create a glamour to alter the way you appear to people intuitively.  You could create a fearsome form to cloak yourself with, and link said form to a mudra. That way, you would only have to perform the mudra in order to cloak yourself in this glamour, and release the mudra to divest yourself of it. A person wouldn't see this form with their physical eyes (and if you're glamours work that well, please send me your methods!), but would 'sense' it, or see it with their inner eye, and avoid you. That's the assumption anyway-it works. That same fearsome form would likely instill confidence in the Magician, and make him Feel dangerous, affecting body language and all the Glamour has a couple of different ways to work.

Another, less defensive use would be a glamour to increase the likelihood of a positive response from someone (say in a job interview). You could create a glamour that cloaked you in positive symbols.  For example, if I were interviewing for a position as a fireman I would create a glamour  of myself wearing a fireman's clothing, of higher rank than that of the gentleman or lady interviewing me. I would make the glamour glow a bit, and invest the feeling of brotherhood and friendliness into the glamour. I would imbue it with the smell of smoke and a faint sound of sirens, and I would link the entire glamour, over and over in meditation, to a single mudra. I would use this mudra to cloak myself in the glamour before the interview, and help make it so the person conducting the interview would see me as the ideal fireman, and absolutely perfect for the job.

How to create a glamour

  A glamour is an intense, multi layered thoughtform. Creating them is straightforward.
First, plan!

 Decide exactly what you want to include in the glamour before beginning your meditation. The more layers of meaning you give it, the more effective it will be. Make it look, smell, sound, and Feel right.
Open the Ritual

Ye old LBRP-LBRH....

Raise energy

You can't go wrong with the Middle Pillar.
Step out and view Yourself

Leave your body via mystic projection (use intense and focused visualization) and look at your self.  Your going to start altering the appearance of your form on the astral. Mold your features using visualization and Awareness.  As soon as you begin making the changes, and you're form is altered from it's natural one, perform your designated mudra. You will be making these changes to the image you have of your physical body. Will changes of form into place, and sculpt them slowly and carefully.
Be thorough and imbue traits

Don't  stop at changes in appearance. Change the smell, apply sounds, and imbue the feel of whatever it is you are trying to convey. Pull the essence of the image out of the aether the same way you would if channeling an Element, with your awareness, and project it into the glamour using the Sign of the Enterer. Seal the changes using the Sign of Silence.
Return to the Body

Re-enter the body and feel the glamour resting on you, like a light jacket. Concentrate on the feel of it, bathe yourself in it, revel in it. Raise energy and push energy into the glamour to invigorate it. Make an effort to feel the glamour surrounding yourself-don't identify it As yourself. Ten breaths should more than do.
Release the Mudra

Let go of the mudra and feel the glamour fading from you. Divest the glamour from yourself entirely in the same way as when divesting a Godform.

Call your glamours up once a day and give them three breaths of energy to keep them strong.

Be careful not to spend too much time in your glamours; if overused they can affect the personality in a fashion similar to an un-divested Godform. Divest them well and Banish using the LBRP and LBRH. Especially if you've had them long. 

I personally would not suggest using a glamour for more than a lunar month; it's a good practice in my experience to give them a set period of existence when creating them.
Energy Work

Mudras can be used to help with energy work-One can perform an energetic circuit and link it to a mudra, and have that circulation occur whenever the mudra is performed. This has worked for me best with circulations like Robert Bruce's primary and secondary circuits, that don't require any sensing of elements. 

Assumption of Godforms

When assuming a frequently used or favored Godform, perform a mudra to link to it and you'll find that shortly the mudra alone is enough to call down the Godform-especially if the mudra is one that is naturally associated with the God involved. 

This is an method I've been using for a loooong time, and had shared previously on a metaphysical forum. I recently used it again, and thought I'd post it up-you don't here folk talking much about Glamours much these days.....




  1. thank you i found this little lesson most intriguing as i myself have been looking for such techniques in my own studies. you therefor saved me hours of rooting around in old books. many thanks to you.

    J. Mclean


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