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Second scrying of RII, plus Revelations on Morality


So, I sat in communion a couple of days ago, meditating upon the results of my last scrying of the 29th Aethyr RII, and had a few revelations about it.

I saw little because I did not have sufficient understanding. The ring of Angels I saw about the Island where sentries, and would not let me pass. The bland form I perceived of the Governor I invoked was not a true representation of it's form, but was all I would get to see until I came to understanding.

My conversation with the Governor GOMZIAM-and the instruction he gave-centered around mental structures, like truth, was based on morality. I meditated on this for some time, and examined my own moral structure. Turns out, there wasn't really any to speak of.

Not that I'm ammoral-I aim to do the right thing in every circumstance...although I often fail...but I discovered that, as my consciousness and understanding have expanded over time I've discarded much of the structure that had been given me as a youth. The structure that says "This is the way things are done, because such-and -such authority demands it", or "This is how things must be done or else such-and-such involving misery and punishment will occur."  That is all well and good, but without that structure being there, I've allowed the carrot-and-stick method of cause and effect to shape my character. I may do good things and generally behave well, but I do these actions because they tend to have good results. For example, say I treat people kindly-I do this because I enjoy seeing people happy and well. I haven't done this because I consciously decided that treating people well is intrinsically good action, and made it part of my character-I've done it because it provides me with more benefit than the opposite. This is passive development and passive action, like a child who doesn't interrupt his elders to avoid being smacked upside the head-they don't care a whit about the quality of their behavior, only for avoiding the negative result. They lack an understanding and application of Value. This has been a disconcerting discovery.

My goodness has been of a decidedly lazy and milkwater variety....Unacceptable.

I imagine that, if I were differently made up and took joy in people's pain, I could have just as easily been incentivized by that joy to treat people terribly, to be Terrible. This was a huge understanding for me.

So, I sat in communion, my head abuzz with this understanding and my heart afire. It is interesting-there always seems to be an energetic event in the body that coincides with these revelations. For the first time in my life, I sat down and actively decided on a few things that were good and true, on what was right and wrong. For the most part, what I decided on coincided with the old structures anyway, but with the difference that I was consciously choosing to give moral weight to ideas and behaviors outside of their benefit to myself. Things I would use to judge my own morality and through which I might be judged. Much of it comes down to value. For example, I've decided treating people well is Good, and will be part of my moral structure because I value the happiness of other people. Yes, I am aware this is simple...but it's deceptively simple. What constitutes "well" in differing situations can vary, but having this value gives me a starting point toward consciously choosing these things, and not simply reacting, or acting out of instinct and cultural training.  A solid structure to stand on.

I turned my attention back to my previous scrying session, and then Understood what it was about. That until I learned this lesson, I wasn't going to be able to perceive this plane.  This evening I scryed RII again, and the results could not have been more different.

I immediately saw a snowy expanse, with large purple mountains, also covered in snow. The sky was oranges and blues, and I stood on the plane facing the West. I invoked GOMZIAM in order to commune with him again, with my renewed understanding, and he appeared immediately. He no longer had any of the traditional "Angel" form about him. He was tall, with a head that was an inverted triangle, half black and half white divided vertically down his middle. He wore a rich purple robe, which was embroidered with stars. He was constantly whirling and moving about. He seemed to be pleased to see me again. We spoke more about the necessity of structures like Morality for building the person, and creating a frame of reference from which they can be Judged-he was keen on the judgement bit. It seemed more about understanding a thing's nature and placing it within a hierarchy-it's natural place-than about anything else. It told me that without the moral structure, a being could not be judged fit for entrance into the higher Aethyrs. What the structure itself was didn't seem to matter, so much that it existed, and that the being moved within that structure closer to God. This would make sense, as morality is often a thing of culture with just a few commonalities between the different structures.

I thanked him, and asked if he minded if I invoked the next governor, ODRAXTI. He welcomed it, and stood aside. I vibrated ODRAXTI's name, and he appeared in the strangest form I've encountered thus far-he was huge and blocky, appearing as if he were made of rock, with long grasses for hair and a long, flat mouth. I asked him about his appearance, and he said he was of structure and the Earth. I asked for some elaboration, and received an image of a sort of energetic net, upon which the structures of a body coalesced. It was a sort of energetic blueprint. Interesting. I was having difficulty holding the vision at this point, and needed to leave before I began to forget the details. I thanked both Angels for sharing their wisdom with me, and departed.

I closed, and then performed the Rose Cross.

I would definitely say that Enochian is Theurgic at this point, as all of my interactions with the Angels have resulted in spiritual growth, and not just an increase in "power" or ability. Increased Understanding, which is what Enochian magic was meant to be in the first place...old Dr.Dee prayed to God for wisdom, and the Enochians answered. Also, it would seem that Lon Milo DuQuette is correct in the Aethyrs being useful as a tool of development. One has to learn important lessons to receive the visions and move forward into the next. It's one thing to read it, another to experience it.




  1. You're being too hard on yourself, imo. There are times when you only do the right thing because of the carrot-stick thing, sure. But there are also times when you do it because it feels good, admit it!

    The trouble with critical analysis of the self is that we can fall into the trap of thinking we're total asshats all the time, and then setting unrealistic behavioral goals that we miss and hate ourselves for even more. In my fundy-Christian days, when I was legalistic to the max (Disney is EVIL!!!), I fell into that cycle. It ended badly.

    But kudos for getting proactive about your morality! That's always a good thing. My free advice, just don't start any self-destructive sequences like I do all the time. It's hell on the family.

  2. Haha, that's exactly my problem Frater-I did the right thing because it felt good, and not because it was Right.=) Thank you, Carrot.

    I guess that is not so terrible a thing...but I'm a Magician, damnit, and I have to be Aware of why I do things, regardless of how base the motivation. It's the lack of awareness that sets my cheeks to burning.

    Thanks for the kudos and advice. I don't think this will change my behavior much, only the reason behind the behavior. The quality of it, I suppose. Another nudge in the awareness.=)

  3. I think doing somethign good "also" to feel good about it is ok. Doing good only because it makes you feel good maybe not so much as it may be taht yu find somethign else which makes you feel ever better. But often - and I see that in me too - you do somethign good and then pet yourself on the shoulder for being such a humanist.
    This was an amazingly interesting post and I hope to read more about the further scryings.

    In L.V.X.
    Arcad S.L.


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