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Scrying the 29th Aethyr RII , invoking GONZIAM

I performed the invocations as normal, although I experienced some strangeness doing so. The incantations were having a more-intense-than-usual affect on me; its a bit difficult to describe. It was as if I were holding a firehose, and had turned up the water pressure beyond the norm.....the incantations wriggled and thrashed about in my grasp. The moon was full-perhaps that is the cause of this. My previous Aethyric scryings were done fairly early in the moon's cycle. I'll just have to keep tracking, so that I san put this to use in the future.
I invoke the Governor, and he appears immediately in the orb. I ask him his name and he gives it. He appears like a classic angel, robed in white and winged and crowned. It had six stars floating about it. I asked it about RII, and received no answer. I asked if it had something to teach me-it told me that I needed to practice a broader sense of responsibility-that I should view all things that occurred in my life as being rooted in my own actions. Not because it was true, but because it was a useful way to approach things. I'd thought I was already doing that, but he pointed out an area where this wasn't the case-in my personal relationships with folk.
I asked him about crowley's assignation of the Governor's and Aethyrs to the Tree of Life through the planes, and he said I should use it.....because it was useful. But that it wasn't strictly true. That I was trying to fit a world into a tiny box. He said I could filter my experiences that way if I wished, but that truly exploring the Aethyrs would not always result in easily categorized images-he asked me "what is the nature of California?". Of course I said, "uhh....." and he said "right."

This is of course an (arguably) semi humurous interpretation of the thought bombs and visions.....the conversation didn't literally go like that.

He spent some time teaching me about the nature of truth, and how what is true changes based on understanding-and of how truth can be applied wisely, and situationally.

After our conversation I wanted to explore the Aethyr and had a vision of first a sky, and then an island afloat in the sky, with winged and robed angels floating at spaced intervals about it. I wasn't looking for anything profound, and I found it. Haha.

Another interesting experience, another valuable lesson.




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