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Movement and Ritual Magic


I'd had a discussion a while back with GH Fra LES about movement and magic; we were both of the opinion that the traditions of LVX-centered  movements established by our Eastern brothers (in Qiqong and Tai Chi Chuan) are excellent developmental tools. We're lacking a similar tradition in the West; GH Fra LES has developed his own system, and I'm sure others have as well, but there is nothing I'm aware that reaches back much further.

I've become aware  as my own skill has grown (slooooowly) that the awareness of internal energy, and the method of movement found in Tai Chi Chuan is something we use everyday in ritual magic-many of us unconsciously. There is a flowing that comes to your movements when they are centered around movement and manipulation of LVX, and there are no rituals in our repertoire that are effective without that manipulation. The LVX moves like breath and water, not like laser beams. When you have settled into the correct state of mind for moving the LVX about, your movements are by nature gentle, and not stiff and hard. Stiffness and tension impede the flow of the LVX. When new magicians (and some old ones unfortunately) perform the Sign of the Enterer as if they're attempting to thrust their hands through a wall, it is clear that they are attempting to move the LVX primarily through visualization and will power; this is ineffective. LVX is moved primarily through the Awareness, through the moving point of Concentration. Were the mind and breath go, the LVX follows. The LVX is a physically sensible force-it is subtle, but it is sensible. You have to feel it moving, not just "see" it.

Anyway, I thought that was something worth commenting on. It is a basic thing that doesn't seem to be generally known. From start to finish, move with the LVX.

I hope the day finds you all well!




  1. Ave,

    Fra Peregrin wrote the following:
    Thanks for this post which details, as you say, something definitely worth commenting on.

    You say you we (meaning western magic?) are lacking a similar tradition to energy-body-spiritual exercises as Qigong.

    For your reference Orthodox Christian Hesychastic prayer methods have for millennia provided something similar, including methods of posture, breath, energy, prayer all integrated into a single practice. Some of the practices are almost identical to yoga and eastern energy-body practices.

    Hesychastic practice is part of several Christian esoteric traditions stemming from or influenced by Orthodox Christian mysticism. They are included in at least one RR et AC college I know.

    Thanks for your blog over this last year, a splendid reading experience. Have a splendid and meaningful solstice-Christmas tide :)"

  2. Care Fra Peregrin,

    This is interesting-I've never heard of these practices, thank you for sharing! Shame they are not as accessible or popular as Qiqong, I'll have to look into them. I suspect there will be little in the way of accessible resources for study...=(. I've been a Magician for over a decade, and I'm just hearing of this now....I fear the Internets are going to let me down.

    Let me know if you have any books/resources that you can share! I completely understand if they are under the Rose.

    Happy and Merry Christmas/Solstice to you as well, Brother!


  3. Soooooo....having looked into it, this art appears to be beautiful and effective...and almost completely inaccessible. Meant for the ascetic, which is fine-but we Western Magicians have to live in the world. There is probably much more to it then I could dredge up, or perhaps specialized practices adapted to our magic that you have seen in your Inner College. I'll just have to be creative, I suppose-and hope that my RR et AC contains similar practices.

    Thanks again Fra. Peregrin-AIT

  4. Read The Way of a Pilgrim & The Pilgrim continues his way. Sometimes in the same book. I believe that it is public domain if you dont have the cash.

    It would be erroneous to say it is only for ascetics, they are usually the ones with the inclination and time. They are also less apt to the "they can do it, its to hard for me" excuse.

    The idea of the book is a layman wishs to learn how to fulfill the exhortation to "Pray Continuously", he knocks and the door is opened and so on.

    There are some interesting psychic-magical type experiences in the book btw. Involving "Auras", the Dead etc. It is important and often missed reading.

    Btw there is a german system of energy body work and theory that is pre 1900's and with little/no eastern influence. I am sorry I dont remember the name or have my notes handy but if I see it etc I will pass it on (not Sub-Rosa).

    C IAO

  5. Ave Fra EST,

    I'll definitely give that book a read, and I am intensely interested in this German system. If you would be able to pass that on, I would be very grateful. The information I was able to find on the Hesychastic practices made reference to the practice consisting of continuous prayer, which seems almost impossible for one living in the World. I would say that it's available, but not accessible, still. Thank you again for sending your notes my way (should you have the time). It's always nice to receive a helping hand in one's researches from a fellow Frater.

    In LVX,


  6. Care Fra A.I.T.

    thinking about the Jesus Prayer as explained in the Story of a Russian Pilgrim - or "Way of a Pilgrim" as it is called in English I guess. It explains in a way how you train your mind and body to constant prayer. Breathing, meditation is a huge part of it. I only know the book in German but found this sites:

    The book is worth reading it I can say. But I assume wikipedia has something about the Jesus Prayer or Heart Prayer as well.

    in L.V.X.


  7. Care Fra Arcad,

    Thank you for the links-wikipedia had a fair amount, but I'm sure the book itself will be an excellent resource.

    In LVX,

    Fra AIT

  8. Ave,

    Fra.Peregrin said (and blogger needs to fix this cursed captcha bug that is preventing some folk from commenting!)

    Care Fr AIT,

    Please forgive the tardiness of the reply; since I did not comment via the blog I received no notice of a follow up question and have just seen it. Could you please post this comment, as the captcha device is still not working. Ta :)

    Much of what I would have said has already been said – thanks :)

    Hesychasm is part and parcel of the Eastern Churches, for lay people and priests. It is fully integrated into the daily life. Continuous prayer is and can be done as part of the RR et AC. As a single example: the technique of conscious association, so whenever we see a door we are reminded of the creative potential of the One via the union of Chokmah and Binah. A police car goes by and we thank the One for the blessings of Cheth and the majesty of Justice she provides. I am sure your college teaches these and other techniques. The Hesychastic approach does this with the body and (what we call) subtle bodies also.

    The various techniques and approaches can be found in classical works on the subject via the net. It does take a bit of sorting. The instructions I have are gleaned from Orthodox sources but as they are part of a larger Order work I cannot just copy it. Sorry. But there is nothing secret, only hard to find really. A good modern book some clear essays is: Merton and Hesychasm : the prayer of the heart : the Eastern Church.

    Hesychastic practices appear to have entered the western esoteric tradition quite recently in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Various “wandering bishops” of heterodox Christian Churches sought communion with the Eastern Church to establish legitimate apostolic links and authority. Consequently their liturgy and practice was influenced by the Orthodox Rites. Since many of these Bishops and Priests, such as Ross Nichols, W. B. Crow and Theodor Reuss were also leaders or creators of esoteric Orders, some of the material then seeped into the western tradition.

    Thank you again for this discussion."

    Thank you, Fra Peregrin!


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