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The HGA pt.3

During yesterday's prayer session, I spoke with my HGA. He appeared without all of the angel-y robes, with blondish hair and a long moustache. He appears German, and is wise and a bit dry. I spoke with him about the orders I gave to my gaurdian daimon. I ordered the daimon to direct the lower energies toward my wife, and web design; I want to invest my passion into these things. He can spend his energies there, instead of wasting them tempting me.  My HGA was split at first, saying that the energies should all be directed toward my development. I told him that I thought this was part of my development-being passionate about people (my wife) as opposed to only abstractions, and creating a career that would allow to love my work. He thought a moment, and agreed-saying that this was fine for now, but that those energies should be directed ever upwards. He then did something that startled me-he put a golden collar and chain about my neck, and asked me if I "would enslave myself to the Will of God, to suborn my own will to His". I felt the urge to rebel against this immediately, but replied "I hope to make the two the same." This wasn't good enough. He told me to make a choice, and I struggled for a bit with this. I chose the collar, and was apprehensive-had I made the right choice? Was this a trick question of some sort? Johanness clamped the collar about my neck, and it immediately rose up the coloumn of my neck, rising to an inch above my head, where it became a Crown. It was gold, with red rubies spaced an inch apart, and spires. He told me "A slave to God is the King of himself, for acting within the stream of God's will places the power of that holy Will behind one's actions-for the Slave-King, miracles are possible. To bow one's head in humility-to understand that the Great will is infinitely superior to your own-is to take the first steps along the path to wisdom."***this is a translation of the thought-bomb, and not word for word.*** "

Just so we're clear, I am not saying this vision means I've attained any fancy-sounding titles. This was clearly my HGA teaching a lesson, and not a sign of perfect attainment.

My HGA says that divination is my best tool still, as my extraordinary denseness and strong rational-mind make direct understanding and communications problematic. My mind starts to interpret the communication immediately, which gets in the way.

I've learned a few important things about the HGA recently. One being that, unlike the Daimon, it appears to be a completely seperate person from myself. When I look upon the Daimon with my Inner Vision, it looks a lot like me. Shadowy, intense, earthy, sinister and lusty-but basically me.  When I look upon my HGA, he appears to be almost completely opposite from myself-dude looks like Sigfried, with long moustaches and longish dark-blonde hair. He wears what appears to be 17th century-ish german nobleman's clothing. (I don't have to tell you that his appearance was a bit....suprising. I was rather suprised) What this seems to come down to is that I have no control over the HGA. It does what it wills, and appears how it wills. It is, for all intents and purposes, a seperate entity. The Daimon isn't like that-I could dress it in a tutu, and it would wear the tutu. (Not that I would be so foolish as to do so....) This confirms, for me at least, the nature of this internal hierarchy.  I rule over the Daimon completely (if I am keen and observant of his actions and influences), as it seems to serve as a personification of my animal/automatic Intelligence. It exists as part of my internal framework, but is just as alive as the various cells within my body. They live, but their existence is dependent upon the greater organism. Same with this Daimon.
As the personification of my higher intelligence, the HGA in turn has authority over my aware/operating intelligence.***The personification bit doesn't mean that the HGA isn't a separate entity from me. It is both at once, somehow.

However, the HGA doesn't have direct power over myself in the same way I do over the Daimon. My active Operating intelligence seems to make all of the actual Choices. The Daimon doesn't so much choose as fuel impulse-it acts out the simple elemental imperatives that are hard-coded into our material forms. You know them- "eat, protect yourself, gain pleasure, avoid pain, reproduce." It tends to act them out through whatever grooves a particular imperative has carved out through reptition. It is like a force of nature more than an "Intelligence".  It reasons in the simple way an Animal or very young child does-basically simple and cruel.It is the very definition of over-zealous, and will drive you into a pit of filth and despair if you let it. A gentle hand will go unnoticed;you have to rule him with an iron fist. He can be of use if redirected, and you have to redirect! Suppressing isn't good enough. The energies it commands will squeeze out of the edges of whatever box you stuff him in. Better to slap a collar around his neck, and keep the chain attached, ready to yank. It's working for me-you'll find at first that you have to yank often.
The HGA seems to act primarily as a guiding force-an advisor, a tutor, a loving Aunt or Uncle. You can argue with it, reason with it, and go your own way if you choose. It isn't the King of yourself so much as a wise and honored Vizier. This suprised me. I expected a more linear relationship-the HGA doesn't order you about. It guides and inspires.


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with your HGA.I am enrolled in RO's class and am looking forward to communing with my HGA hopefully sooner then later.Did you find the process challenging and how long did it take you to make contact? I know it's different for everyone.I was also wondering if this was part of your outer order grade material for the G.D. order that you belong to. Thanks Mike

  2. Thanks for reading, Fra.Mike. Excellent choice you've made in working with Frater R.O., looking forward to hearing it works out for you!

    I am communing with my HGA, and the process involved in creating that communion wasn't difficult-the side effects of it, however, were. The formal process didn't take more than five prayerful rituals....however, I've been striving for Years to make myself suitable for the contact at all. The slow, steady work of Ceremonial Magic lays the groundwork. After that, it's just the formal and prayerful invitation that have to be made. If you've been a working magician for some time now, you probably don't need to lock your self up and pray 18 hours a day, Abra-melin style. That only seems necessary for people starting from scratch. So, yes if had been challenging-but it has been entirely worth it. I didn't receive anymore than I could handle.
    Don't go in with locked in, pre-conceived ideas of what will happen. Say your prayers, do the work, and trust the result and communication that follow. Fra RO will lead you right.

    Attaining the K&C is definitely NOT part of our Outer Order gradework-we begin to pray and lay the groundwork in the 4=7, and the K&C happens after the Portal Grade, usually. I'm not a slave to the curriculum, however-I follow the guidelines, but let my spiritual advancement unfold naturally. I'm not going to ignore my Genius because I haven't taken the appropriate tests-administered by humans- before speaking with it!
    Hope the day finds you well-AIT


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