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Invocation of 30th Aethyr and the Governor Taoagla

I had a strange experience the day before this ritual that relates. I was riding the train in to work, and took a real look at my bike. The handle is aluminum, and all of a sudden it struck me-I was appreciating it's beauty, and then realized that what I was looking at was Not the entirety of the handle....not even a major part of it. It was just a reflection;  That every person and object i'd ever perceived was only an ending point of an infinitely long chain, and that whatever I perceived was made up simultaneously of it's experiences, and all that had led up to its existence....that all of this existed at the same time, that time itself wasn't truly linear, and that regardless of our acting within the framework of linear time we exist in a pool of time, where everything happens simultaneously and forever. That for a person, his own experiences, the need of his parents, the plants and animals that made up the matter from which his body was formed, the light and water that made up the substance of the plant....and so on is the truth of what he is.-the truth of what a thing is lies in its web of existence;the various things it is dependent upon for its manifestation. That web of existence is the truth of a thing or a person, the vast iceberg underneath the tiny visible shoal.  It includes all that the thing has experienced, all of the factors and substances that went into its making, the feelings and motivations of any persons involved, and their entire webs previous to their contribution in a things creation.
What we on our plane see is truly only the shadow of a thing. I never understood what that meant until now. Everything we encounter is Infinity dipping it's toe into the waters of material existence-and all that we see is that little bit of toe. I'm probably not describing this correctly-it was a big, mind blowing understanding. I'm sure others much wiser than I have described it better.
All of this from a glancing look at a bicycle handle.....

I conducted my opening of the Aethyr, and my invocation of Taoagla. Once again, the angel began to appear in the orb before I even did the call. This one suprised me a bit-i'd expected watery colors, and he appeared in robes of orange, white, red and pink. I asked him what his nature was, and he told me he was made of beginnings, and sparks.Right. I asked him to elaborate, and he said that he was a storm, and lightning-he told me he was like the moon-and here showed me an image of himself as at first a crowned king, and then changing into a crowned queen, and then back again. He is mutable, and mercurial. A trickster, like Papa Legba. He told me he rules the moment in between, when things are between manifestation and potential in the material world. When I had some difficulty understanding, his mouth grow large and he became leonine, and his mouth was full of fire. He flashed from that to calm in an instant. It was a bit disconcerting.
I asked him to teach me about the nature of TEX. He showed me a greenish orb surrounding the earth. He made reference to the above vision, and said that Tex was pregnant with Meaning (which is to Potential what Mass is to Energy) and constantly gave birth to form, each form that appears materialy being the barest concentrated tip of an infinity of meaning. Taoagla is/creates the link between potential and manifestation,  he exists between time and no-time and stands at the crossroads.He reminded me of my vision on the train ,and told me that seeing beyond the plain image of a thing, into the web of meaning, is seeing into Tex, is raising the awareness into TEX. I didn't understand everything he related, and will invoke him again at a later date.

I understand that the Enochians have a strange way of dealing with time-I wonder if Taoagla had a hand in the vision I had before I invoked him? It definitely seemed to be an important part of our conversation...things got cloudy near the end as I started to lose my grip on the scrying state, so ill just have to wonder until the next invocation.


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