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Invocation of the 30th Aethyr, and the Governor DOVINAL


This third invocation was much smoother than the previous two. I "activated" the table and implements (lamen, ring, etc) , made my obeisance and solemn prayers to God, and sat upon the chair. This time I backlit my scrying crystal with a candle-which made for a pretty image, but was a pain in the ass when it came time to scry. Won't be doing that again. I stated the Intent of the ritual (to invoke and commune with the angelic governor DOVINAL), and then vibrated-sonorously-the 19th call, to invoke the 30th Aethyr TEX. He appeared within the crystal first-as opposed to in my inner eye. Interesting-previously I've had to will the images into the crystal as they played before my inner eye. I looked at him, and he was dressed in a sort of toga, with a golden crown that was somehoe simultaneously laurel leaves. He bore a black book in his right hand, which bore a small white cross and the word "Lies" upon it. Hmm. Book of Lies,eh? That gave me pause. I reinforced the image/connection by vibrating DONVINAL's name, and he only came in stronger. Interesting. I already had some concerns, but didn't want to waste anytime. I greeted the Governor in an appropriate  fashion-doing him honor-and asked him if he had a lesson for me. He just stared at me, silent, as if i was talking nonsense. Well, fair enough, I asked him what his purpose was, and he showed me first a triangle, and then a hexagram. I contemplated the triangle, and it became a pyramid-the same pyramid I'd previously seen was a hall of instruction in this Aethyr. Not too sure what the Hexagram was meant to communicate-perhaps he instructs on the nature of the planetary forces, or the personality. I asked him about Dee's Book of Silvered Leaves (the spirit book Dee was told to make and have Angels he summoned sign, so that he could command them in classic fashion.) He told me that the idea of Angels signing a "book of spirits" is absurd. They won't be commanded, only communed with, and befriended....if we are lucky. The name of the Governor ADVORPT kept pushing itself onto my awareness-after some time, I finally realized that this was the Angel "calling" me, and wanting to communicate something. I vibrated his name and welcomed him-I got the feeling the DOVINAL was not exactly pleased, but that ADVORPT was his superior and could interrupt if he wished. ADVORPT seemed a little irritated with me, and reminded me of our previous lesson. I attempted to make the connection with him, and he slapped me away, basically. I wasn't getting the point. Then I had the old "Eureka!" moment-I should be using that Burning Heart technique he taught me earlier to connect with Angelic entities, to make communication and initiatic connections easier. He was pleased that I grasped the lesson, and definitely communicated that I was a bit of a slow student. Awe-some. Nothing like a little encouragement from an Angelic Governor,haha. I made the connection with Dovinal, who opened his chest to reveal a physical seeming pulsing heart, and it felt like a little bomb went off within me energetically. I get it, at last. Those energetic connections are my personal Book of Silvered Leaves-the Angelic signatures are written upon the "book" of my astral body, and are visible. I asked DOVINAL if he could assist me in matter involving learning, and he said yes-saying that if I wished to do him a favor in return, to commence that learning in his honor. Fair enough-a pact of sorts, eh? The requirements are small enough, and it's entirely voluntary, so why not? It hurts me none to do him this small service in exchange for his assistance. That whole Book of Lies thing was giving me pause-I was in that moment doubting I would be requesting his assistance much.... he asked me what I wished to learn-I said Enochian Magic, and he laughed aloud! We had a shared moment of amusement. I asked him about his book of lies, and he said that I don't quite understand. He opened it for me and it appeared to be full of comic-book style pages. I was even more perplexed, and then it hit me like a brick in a sock-"Myths!" His "Book of Lies" was a book of useful parables and tales, for teaching and communicating. Well, that's a different thing then, isnt it? I thanked him profusely for communing with me, and vowed to call for his assistance when I needed it. He showed me his signature, which appeared to be a cross atop a circle, and the circle is the World. I left the vision, gave the licence to depart, and quickly wrote down all that I had experienced.

Interesting note, while studying different books on Enochian Magic, I discovered that the Beast didn't invoke any of the entities of the Aethyrs. I wonder why? I wonder how the experience of the Aethyrs differs without directly involving these tutelary entities? His much honored and skilled descendants (Lon Milo Duquette, Frater WIT, etc) do seem to have included these entities in their work.

This is becoming a great learning experience, a wonderful adventure! I am almost dreading hearing from my tutor, and being told to procede with the next grade's curriculum. ;-) Almost. I am definitely looking forward to entering and working through Philosophus, so that I can approach the Inner. My approach is going to be quite different, regardless. this work with Enochian has had a permenant and powerful effect on my magical abilities and practice.




  1. Awesome entry. I look forward to reading more of your scrying sessions. It's very inspirational. In fact, of all the Enochian blogs I've read from other contributors on the web, yours gives me reason to give it further study.

  2. That is high praise, Frater-thank you kindly!


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