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GIRP Scorpio, and Scrying results


As part of my gradework about a month back, I performed Invocations of the energies of Scorpio....and it was bru-tal. I found the energies to be powerful, full of dark undercurrents, pulling from the depths. Scrying the plane, I encountered a strange type of entity, like angels, only with tentacles(!?) instead of feathers and hair. They were pale and fey and beautiful, and terrible. I did the standard request for a guide, and received one. I asked it to teach me about the energies of Scorpio, and it told length....about the foolishness of man, showing me an image of a crazed human digging a deep pit, laughing and crying all at once. He was digging his own grave with a golden shovel, and then railing against the gods and universe for consigning him to the grave he has dug for himself. Myself. It made me smile at myself, ruefully. I have been that fool.

The entity elaborated, and told me that the energies of Scorpio are the final lesson-givers; that the hard lessons that we as entities have failed to learn the easy way are dealt the hard way when Scorpio makes it's rounds. Scorpio is atavistic. In our selves it is connected to the subconcious. Scorpio is the deep water, the energy intimately connected to all of those things that lie beneath, that we don't look at too closely. I was also taught about the power of emotional undercurrent, that it's pull is both Lunar in action and intimately connected to the phases of the moon. It is both attractive and terrifying.

That was my experience with Scorpio-I definitely had to work hard at integrating these energies, and face some things about myself that weren't too pleasant-the most important of which being that I wasn't all that pleasant myself, underneath. That the layers of nice are exactly that, and that the person at my root is complicated, and that the path toward Union isn't one of graduating "niceness"-that my idea of Holy was going to have to change. The end result of integration and Union isn't necessarily a benevolent character, but one that is beautifully terrible. That may, of course, be purely the Scorpian perspective and gnosis, but it has the ring of truth.

I've never met an Angel that was "nice".




  1. I am a Scorpio Monkey, rising sign Leo. I would like to talk with you and learn things.. not only would you help me toward realization, but another, hopefully one day experienced, insight would most definitely help you. Contact me at Subject: Revelations


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