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Enochian Chess?


So.....does anyone work the Enochian chess system? I say system, because it has it's own set of rituals, and is (from what I've read) supposed to be useful as active magical ritual. I've used it for divination-with interesting results. The Order's curriculum definitely comes in handy, as at this point the Geomantic and Tarot associations are second nature-when a piece is brought into play from one square to another, a sea of symbolism is already at play.
I have to say, although the system is deeply interesting, as a divinatory tool alone it does have the drawback of taking a Huge amount of time to complete. Analysis of the movements alone takes me hours-the story built is incredibly detailed , and so it is worth the time-it just isn't something I would have the time to do daily. Especially now that I'm proficient at both the Tarot and Geomancy-either of which can give you quality answers to questions in an instant. I'm going to give it a shot, and see if perhaps more time practicing can get me down to about an hour.
I'm also eager to see and understand what it's uses are as a method of magic-I imagine by combining will and intent, one might use the Enochian chess game to craft a future of sorts-we use dice to decide which type of piece to use at each turn, but where the piece is moved is entirely up to the operator. It's as if, with the randomized dice roll being controlled by the spiritual forces, we are being given the ability to choose from a number of possible actions...that instead of merely diving what forces are in play, Enochian chess gives us the option of ritually guiding the way the forces are to manifest. Creating a path of manifestation through an active divination-something like that. It's exciting to think about. I wonder why it is that few people seem to be genuinely interested in learning and developing this?



  1. Most people have enough trouble remembering what god names go with what archangels in the LBRP. Figuring out Enochian Chess is complicated. I think it drives people crazy, too. Steve someone or other, I can't remember his name now, used to do a big Enochian Chess program on several message boards. He and his wife developed it together. The deeper into it he got, the weirder his posts became, until finally his wife divorced him and he could no longer sell the system he was developing without benefiting her as well. All of a sudden, his weirdness got transferred to Senet instead.

    Chances are good that the crazy was present before the Enochian Chess experiments, but were amplkified by the application of the system.

    The only other person I've known into Enochian Chess was looking for a way to make it into a Parker Brother's board game to get rich. When he wasn't smoking crack.

  2. That's Steve Nichols you're talking about-his software is actually a pretty good tool for helping the newbie learn; he's got all of the correspondeces for each square available at a touch. Beats flipping through pages.

    His Enochian Chess group does seem to have died out. He was very focused primarily on Ancient Egyptian religion and Senet last I heard as well-he's been quiet lately.
    Hope the fellow's alright.
    I don't know if Enochian Chess drives people literally crazy...I do think that our Art attracts unstable persons at an alarming rate, and that those folk suffer consequences if they engage in any of the Hermetic magics without understanding.
    People have been saying the same thing about Enochian Magic in general-that it drives people crazy, gives them lung diseases....etc. The problem here is that these systems work well, and it's easy for the dabbler and dilletante to get in over their heads. It also doesn't help that the system is so open ended, without a simple structure. New magicians need simple instructions and a straight forward structure-something Enochian is sorely lacking, outside of a few examples. Well, one example-Lon Milo Duquette's Enochian Vision Magic. That book rocks.
    Here's to Parker Brother's keeping their filthy hands off of Enochian Chess...crack heads or no. =)
    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Rufus Opus recommended your blog proclaiming that you are one of the 5 GD practitioners that he admires and respects. This, of course, got my attention, and I've got to say that your blog is impressive and you really seem to have acquired some good knowledge and practice some effective magick.

    I'm an aspiring Golden Dawn student, and I would like to know... Where would you recommend starting? I've been doing solitary practice and study of magick for years, but when it comes down to joining an Order, I am frustrated.

    Here we have the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn as well as the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn -- both of which are promoting their Orders with great claims and both seem to be decent, so I am asking if you'd be willing to recommend one or the other. It's frustrating not knowing where I will actually find what it is I'm looking for... I don't care about the feuds between the two, I am in this for myself and no one else, really.

    More than anything, I want to actively, physically participate in a Temple and receive actual, physical initiation, and this has proven to be pretty difficult.

    I don't know how else to contact you, so I chose to leave a comment.

    -Frater Resurgere

    October 5, 2009 11:15 AM

  4. Care Frater Resurgere,

    That is high praise from Fra. Rufus Opus-thank you kindly! As for your questions, when it comes to choosing between the two orders, I think your desire to actively work in a temple is the most important factor to consider. Contact the two Orders and see which has an active temple in your area. We offer physical initiation in the HOGD/AO, and although the EOGD offers Astral initiation, I understand they also offer physical initiation in their temples. I personally have a strong preference for the HOGD/AO-as that is my own order. That being said, adepts like VH Soror FSO from the EOGD make it clear that one can get an excellent magickal education from them as well. Both Orders have turned out balanced, capable Adepti (such as our own VH Fra Sincerus Renatus). I have only experienced the GD, and not the RR et AC as yet, so I can't speak for either order's curriculum there. I have a deep interest in Alchemy, and am told that my Order posseses the inner keys to that-so, as that was most important to me, I made my choice. Make some phone calls and find out if there are Temples nearby you from either Order-if there are not, than there is a whole host of other issues that may affect your end decision.

    Let me know what you discover, and we'll go from there.

    I hope the day finds you well!


  5. you seem to be missing the fire board...



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