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Kameothic magic, Candles, and Fluffbunnies

Ave Fraters and Sorors,

I've been studying the Kamea and devising methods for using them in a system of practical seems that they've been used, for the most part, as reference material by modern Magicians of our tradition. From the research I've done, most of what seems to be out there ritually for the Kamea involves lighting a Candle atop a Kamea, and using said candle and it's associations to "activate" the Kamea. This works just fine-the lighting of the Candle is a physical sign of the mage's will to activate the Kamea. This also provides a convenient method to deactivate the Kamea-by putting out said candle at the end of the ritual. Yes it's simple, but it's an effective bit of ceremonial pageantry.

It is not quite layered enough for me, so I've refined the simple technique in this fashion;

First the LBRP,LBRH,Purification and then Invocation of the HDF. Next, I perform the Circulation of the Magic of the Light, creating the energetic Vortex of LVX to assist in the manifestation of the energy upon the plane I'm working on. Next, light the candle (of the appropriate Planetary color) that is placed on the page upon which the Kamean Square is drawn, willing it to become "active". The Candle can be made even more effective by carving the purpose of the Rite-the Statement of Intent-into the candle prior to activating it. This is followed by the vibration of the Enochian call for the Planet being worked to further energize and empower the ritual, and ritually constructing the Kamea, vibrating the Letters into existence energetically while they are drawn. (I draw the lines of the square itself before the ritual, in a handmade book dedicated to working with the Kamea.) I then draw the energies from their Highest point down into my Circle by drawing and vibrating the Hierarchy directly onto the Kamea, one at a time, from the Name of God down to the Intelligence. The Sigils are all drawn onto the Kamea itself, one atop the other. If there is something especially physical in the required result, I will then Evoke the Spirit, and give it specific instruction about what I require. Otherwise, I make the statement of Intent, and then project LVX into the Kamea itself until it is "full", and closing the book. Finally, I dismiss the forces, and blow out the candle. That Kamea is then an active talisman-once it has accomplished the goal, I draw the Seal of the Planet over the Kamea in order to de-activate and de-charge it.

I think this will be a fine, personal system of magic. Certainly more Sorcery than Theurgy...but that's part of the whole Practical part. I started out doing this as a method to charge Spagyric elixirs, and wound up here. The techniques have worked well thus far-I'll post results as I get them.

Back to the candle magic...

I'm not going to lie to you-someone merely mentions "candle magic" and my natural-and wrong- reaction is to turn up my nose. Mostly because, as I have progressed in my abilities and understanding, those things that I picked up on my way to working with our system have been somehow filed under "things that newbies do".....or worse, "things that those damn fluffbunnies do". Which is a shame.

We all know the fluffbunnies-our brethren who make us cringe in their new-ageyness, who embarass us all on television making ridiculous claims about shooting fireballs-literal, material fireballs-out of their fingertips. Which would be fine....if they would then promptly do so. They do not. They are part of why it is necessary for many of us to keep our identities as Magicians under the veil, because that once Honorable moniker has been tainted and drug through the dung heap by fools and charlatans. Even now, I err on the side of Theurgist-whose definition none of the "civilians" have any idea of-because it saves me a good half an hour of re-defining for that person what a Magician is. Drives me crazy.

And you know what? Fluffbunny or no, that person is still one of our brethren, and I would invite them to sit at my table. Because there was once a time when I might have been seen as a fluffbunny as well.

.......O.K, that last bit was a lie. But you know what I mean. I hope I don't sound too cutting about the new-agey folk-I mean to be humorous, and not hurtful.

Anyway, I'm taking back the candles.




  1. MAybe the Kameas are moer theoretical in the GD traditions, but they're alive nd well, and used as talismans of power to conjure Intelligences and spirits of the planets by a lot of traditional Hermeticists that are looking for the real power of Magic that got sucked out when the GD and ilk turned magic into psychoanalytic mental masturbation.

    The spirits are alive and well, and are not a manifestation of your own personal Ruach. You might be a part of the ruach they represent, but they're still as separated from you individually as I am.

    I'm glad another GD magician is finally turning to the grims for some real magic. You'll break out of their traps in no time. :D

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