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Development/ideas in Kameothic Magic

Ave Fraters and Soror,

Some things I've noticed from working the Kamea:

1.It is good to have already established the Sigils for each entity before the working, as pulling them on the fly is a pain in the ass.

2. There is possibly no better way to master the numerical attributions of the Hebrew letters than to create Sigils for the entities of each Square using the Kamea. I'd thought I had them down before, but now the number and the letter are the same thing in my hand. I can even work the Aiq Bekar on the fly-no grand feat once you have the numerical attributions down, but still useful.

3. Working with the Kamea brings to your attention the Numbers behind the Holy names and our own Holy Rituals-to know the true name of a thing is to have the opportunity to master it, and at the end of the day the Kamea are about Naming the powers that are operating within and without us, so that we might master them.

4. The layers of meaning provided by the Kamea make for strong magic. I'm currently wondering if the Kamea may be the best method for creating the Sigils for all of the planetary powers, as opposed to using the Kamea for the Spirit and Intelligence and the Rose-cross for the others. The Rose-Cross sigils work perfectly fine, of course-I have just found that within my own work the added layers of meaning provided by the Kameothic Sigil have created a clearer and more sure connection with the Entities than those of the Rose. This, of course, only applies to the Planetary magic.

There is a huge opportunity within our tradition (mind you, this is coming from a gent who is only initiated into the Outer-there may be more focus on the Planets within the Inner that I'm just not aware of yet) to further explore and develop the Planetary work, which I believe can best be done by developing first Kameothic magic, and then delving into the Enochian Heptarchia. In many of the ancient mystery schools, from what I have come to understand, the Planetary work was the only work done-the Initiations were purely Planetary, and the vast majority of the practical work was done with the planets. Those of us who have studied Sidereal Astrology understand that the Planets are the Movers within the charts-and thereby our lives. Working with the Elements is useful and good, but the real power for personal change lies, in my opinion, within the Planets. The Signs, are , of course, very important....but they don't act upon the Planets. The Planets work their powers over even the Signs, and their placement within the chart (the self) affect the way that the energies of the Sign manifest. They clearly have a powerful effect on the Elements-try doing some Elemental magic during a null Moon, and you'll see what I mean. I couldn't even get the candles to stay lit....

The placement of the Astrological forces in the Tree of Life further elucidate this; they are located in Chokmah, beyond the Abyss, of powerful but subtle effect. The Planets work in planes much closer to the manifest Physical, and have more obvious effect on each of the levels of a person's life.

Thinking about the power the Planets exert over the Elemental energies, I wonder if it would be possible to work with the Elements through the existing Planetary Kamea? On the Tree of Life, we could assign a "Planetary Ruler" for each Element based upon the Planet that exists within the Sephirah the Element is assigned to-so we would use the Kamea of Luna to work with Air, that of Mercury to work with Water, that of Venus to work with Fire, and that of Saturn to work Earth.

Earth being a combination and coagulation of the other Elements would make sense under the Rulership of Saturn, who reigns over the 32nd path, upon which the spiritual forces gather and join before materialization and solidification within Malkuth and Assiah.

We would draw out the Elemental sigils using the Kamea of that elements Planetary ruler.

One could argue that the Sun is the root of both the Elemental and Planetary powers, and the Spiritualized synthesis of both. Mars and Jupiter are not assigned Elements, but are instead Polarities that act within all of the Elements-Mars being destructive and limiting and conflicting, with Jupiter being creative and expansive and peaceful. Perhaps these could serve practically as an equivalent to the active/passive pentagrams of Spirit?

I think that a carefully crafted ritual using the Kamea to summon the Elemental Powers would work. Meditating bout it, I received and image that suggested that the Planet of the Sephirah each element is assigned to is the Sun that shines upon the plane of that Element.

Saturn being the sun that shines over the Gnomes, providing the Light they work with....seems right.

I'll get to work and let you know what comes of it.


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