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New direction for Spagyric Healing


I think that, in my focus on energetic healing, I missed something very important about Spagery-it's classical use in creating superior herbal medicines. Instead of dwelling primarily on the energetic root of the plant-going from inside out-I think it would be best to focus on using Spagery to influence the natural healing qualities of the plant, and to make superior medicines in that fashion. I'm going to change the focus of my manuscript accordingly. 

The method for healing will involve first creating a "Garden" of healing medicines, but instead of focusing on the Energies, we will instead focus on stocking plants that cure a specific ailment or illness, and then evolving those plants and creating Elixirs through Spagery, which will serve as superior medicines. Then, we will conduct a healing ritual involving soothing incense, the Middle Pillar (with the Healer assisting with strong vibration) to address the energetic component. Finally, we will conduct a Rose-cross Ritual jointly with the Recipient in order to seal the aura from negative forces, and to create a sense of peace and well being.

No need to re-invent the wheel.

I had a lot of fun writing the "Book of the Blossoming Flower"....but find that my focus was off. The second iteration is going to be much different. I'm going to write the ritual format, (I'm still keeping the invocation of Imhotep, who has guided me from my first version to where I am now, but am doing away with the Book of Images-which is a nice idea, but doesn't fit into the healing system. It works for balancing energies-slowly and gently-but isn't actually Healing anything. I'll have to come up with another use for it...), explanations on the purpose each serve, and then give a detailed description of the Garden I have built with plants that heal different common ailments and issues. The Unda Superum will remain, but will be made of Specific plants related to the energies that have a particular healing/restorative property. I have more research to do-the Superum I have completed so far have worked wonderfully, but have been more general than necessary.  So, for the Unda Superum I will use plants that have a powerful healing ability for a certain ailment, create an Elixir out of that plant, and then further charge the Elixir with positive energy using the Magic Squares in a ritual context. That specific plant will be used to create the Unda Superum of it's Planetary energy. the key will be to find the right plants-commonly available, but powerful in their natural healing propery. These plants will be used to treat a certain problem (be it depression or indigestion, or chronic pain) by consumption as Unda Superum during the healing ritual. The Middle Pillar and the Rose-Cross ritual will serve to generally raise energy levels and to provide a soothing, healing effect to the energy body.

I think this approach is more sound.

I hope the day finds you all well!-Fra.A.I.T.


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