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Needlessly complicated?

Ave Fraters et Sorors,

I've continued to work at developing a healing system within our tradition, and have come to a few realizations. One of which is that the system can't be unwieldly and overcomplicated if anyone is to be expected to actually use it. 

How many of us bother with learning to work the Z2 formulae in all of it's layers? Not studying it intellectually, but working it? How many of us have even tried the Invisibility formula? Advanced practical magics in our system take work, and a willingness to risk Failure. I got a wonderful boost reading an article written by Nineveh Shadrack (thank you for the great post on him, V.H. Fra. S.R.!) who made some insightful comments about the mind of the modern Western Magician that hit home. The psychological model of Magic-that the entities and forces encountered are externalizations of internal forces-can become a crutch, in my opinion. It allows us to rationalize magic to a certain extent, and from what I've seen may encourage an unconscious shying away from magics with verifiable external result. This is terrible! Terrible because you absolutely can evoke spirits to physical appearance, absolutely can cause changes in the external world with your magic, and absolutely can travel outside of the body with your magic. The psychological model makes it so that you can view your magics entirely as a sort of mental psycho-drama. This isn't to say this isn't a valid model-it is a true model, but only at a certain level. It is part of what is happening, but it isn't the entirety. I wonder how many of us are mistaking this part for the Whole, and thereby crippling themselves?

I have digressed quite a bit, but before I wandered off, the point I was attempting to make is that overcomplicated methods are rarely actively practiced. I'm thinking I can reduce a lot of the complication by consecrating the Elixirs (and creating the Unda Superum) with Kamea (Magic Squares) instead of GIRP'S. I've created a Square-ritually, with great deliberation, and have in sequence drawn the Sigil of the Planetary Hierarchy upon the Square, using the numbers, in descending fashion-drawing the power down from the heavens to myself in my Circle. This method Works! I felt the energies of Saturn as strongly and as purely as I have using the GIRH. I further empowered the ritual by Vibrating Saturn's Enochian Call, to great effect. I banished the energies by drawing the Seal of Saturn-both physically and with appropriately visualized energy-upon the Square, while stating my intent to do so and vibrating the Saturnian God-name. So far I've only had Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy as a source for Kamean knowledge, but I'm working on expanding that, thanks to Nineveh Shadrach...and V.H.Frater S.R.'s excellent blog about it.

This was effective and it took a fraction of the time a full GIRH would have taken. I'm going to alter my methods accordingly, and re-write my manuscript. Some of my fellow theurgists are giving the manuscript a look-can't wait to get their feedback, so I can continue to develop the system. Using the Kamea will cut down on the time spent to create the full Spagryic potions I'm hoping to use in the system-and time saved is a wonderful thing.

Reiki requires a very small amount of intellectual study before it is useful, but gives great healing benefit. Spagery and this healing method by their very nature require massive amounts of study; hopefully, we can see a similarly massive increase of its utility. 

If you have the time or inclination, take a look at the Kamea. I don't think we've explored it's power well in our Tradition. I've purchased Nineveh's book about the squares, and hope he'll have more Wisdom about them I can study. Judging from this article, he certainly does. Can't wait till it gets here-curse you and your infernal slowness, UPS Ground Shipping! 

Isn't it wonderful how, when one is looking, one Finds? 


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