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Saturnian Elixir

Ave, Fraters et Sorors,

Last week on Saturday I began the preparation neccessary to create an Elixir infused with the energies of Saturn.  I have grown a garden with the herbs and plants necessary to invoke the various planetary and elemental forces. I chose Sage for this work, as it's spirit is of Saturn and Earth in the correspondences.  (In order to check the correspondences for accuraracy, I conduct a method of choice is the Tarott-use the method you are most comfortable with). I plucked the sage, gave a short prayer of intent, and placed it within the sealed mason jar. I set it out in the Sun to begin the energetic circulation. Yesterday, after the tincture was complete, I seperated the tincture from the Salt (the soaked leaves of Sage) and set the leaves out in the Sun to dry. I placed the tincture in it's own sealed vial, and set it aside. After the leaves were completely dried, I placed them within my Crucible and set them alight, in order to refine this salt  and raise it's vibrational state. As soon as the ashes were White, I scooped them out of the crucible and placed them in a dry mason jar.

After setting up my Retort so that the distilled liquid would drip into the aforementioned mason jar, I poured the Tincture into the retort and used my butane burner to create heat.

The heat and condensing properties of the Retort played their parts, and over the course of a couple or hours, within my mason jar had combined the refined Salt (plant matter), Mercury (the menstruum of distilled wine I created for this work), and Sulphur (the essential oils and spirit of a plant) of the Sage. After intoning the God names of Saturn, and projecting them into the Elixir, I retired to my meditative space and tried the Elixir.

I took just a few drops and willed a vision of the realm of Saturn. I was almost immediately wisked onto a large, black rock covered plane. The Sky was impenetrable.  It was sort of Barren, but there was black grass blowing in the steady, measured wind.
I sensed/saw huge non human entities hovering over me. Who seemed completely oblivious to me....I looked around and saw the entrance to a building, a black marble doorway, standing alone on the Plane.

I enter and see tiles of white and black on the floor.

There are hooded entities that seem vaguely reptilian. Hmm. They begin to expound on the nature of their work, as the Book Keepers and Watchers of Saturn; they said that is their task to note the realm of action in the Universe-that there is  nothing that they do not note, that every falling dust mote is accounted for. They said that the Observation of the Universe is a sort of fuel-I am not sure I am communicating this right-that the Observation of Everything is what fueled it's existence. They exist because they are Observing, and observe because they exist. A snake biting it's own tail, an Ouroborous. It is difficult to communicate the truths given in vision; oftentimes the occult understanding surpasses the ability of the waking intellect to express.

They are the Ledger-Keepers, and they track the seeds of destiny planted by our actions. They do not cause the seeds to blossom, but enable existence through their unceasing observation.

The vision did not fade during testing.


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