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Moon Tincture, Moon Stone

Ave, Fraters et Sorors....

This has been an educational period. The moon tincture I made worked very well-I felt an immediate energetic effect, and then experienced certain changes in awareness and physical side effects that were consistent with the Luna's correspondences. I am trying to keep my spagyric work consistent with the work I am currently undertaking as part of my gradework within the Order. As I am currently a Theoricus, I am focusing on the Air element, Air Triplicity, and the Planetary power of Luna.

As most of the Spagyric literature is focused primarily on the planets, I think it is worth noting that the elements and the astrological forces are completely accesible via spagyrics. Work with plants can introduce these energies gently, preparing you for the stronger influx generated by the rites of ceremonial magic-which is a wondrous thing, as the effects of these energies upon one's outer and inner life can be overwhelming, depending on the balance and strength of each of the energies within one's sphere.

I have begun work on creating a Moon stone, and have been slowly imbibing purified salts with the the Tincture. This is, in essence, re-incarnating the plant in a more purified and higher vibrational form. It has been said that the ability to create a Stone is an excellent signifier of one's Mastery of a particular force. It can take Months for a Stone to fully manifest.

Last night I worked the forces of Luna again; this time charging a previously prepared Elixir (Created using Lavender, which corresponds to the Moon, and releases a heavy perfume which makes the third eye center dance and throb-a not wholly unpleasant experience, as it is nice to have some direct proof of the effectiveness of one's work) with the energies of Luna, using the Greater Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram, Luna. I charged the Elixir using the Sign of the Enterer, after all of the appropriate invocations and blessings, and sealed the energies into the Elixir with strong visualization and the Sign of Silence. I consumed the Elixir, and then performed the Middle Pillar to balance all of the evoked energies. It was interesting, in that the energetic flow wasn't quite the punch I expected-the Moon was waning in the sky, and I think that may have affected the amount of energy available to me at this time.

I have been working with a black mirror, to improve my clairvoyance, and planned on scrying to the plane of Luna at this time. (The Black Mirror is an excellent tool for creating a trance state that is light enough to maintain consciousness, but deep enough to enable visions to dance in front of the inner eye. If you are new to the arts of Ritual Magic, pick out an elemental plane you would like knowledge of. Pick a time of day when the Elemental Tide is occuring for the element you would like to explore. Sit in a quiet room, and gaze into the mirror, whilst performing the middle pillar energetic circulation. Create a current between yourself and the mirror by charging it with the Sign of the Enterer, and then sit and resume your gaze. Continue to raise energy using the final Midlle Pillar circulation, and wait for results. Do Not Grasp For Visions! This kind of sensitive awareness is slippery like an eel, and too tight a grasp will foil it. Hold the expectation of a vision gently.) I did so, and received many unexpected images and realisations. I saw that the plane of Luna is full of unrealized things. I saw and felt the evolving effect that Luna has on one's inner vision. I understand how Yesod's position on the Tree of Life makes it a reflector of the Light of Tipareth, much like the Moon reflects the light of the Sun. It would seem that the Moon is an important Spiritual Gateway, ( I mean this in an initiatory fashion). It would seem that the higher energies we first experience before passing through that gateway are gentler, reflected energies, whose light has been dimmed by the moon the same as the moon has dimmed the Light of the Sun. I haven't verified this information through divination or study, so feel free to take it with a grain of salt.

...It sounds right to me, however. And I'm learning how to listen.


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