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The Book of Coelius


Alchemy is difficult, to work and to understand. Like most things that are of value, it takes work to suss it out, to reap the golden wheat of your planted effort. One of the things that makes alchemy so difficult is that it's time, by the intention of different alchemists who hid their processes from the unlearned, and by needless complication. There are as many different alchemical methods--ways of processing the First Matter--as there are alchemists who write about it. That isn't to say that any method at all will do, only that true Alchemical processing requires one thing, and one thing only--Fire--and that all the stages and states described in between and established as levels are arbitrary and a matter of culture as opposed to need. In one method you'll find the process described in 5 "steps", in another 7, in yet another 12. This causes difficulty for the student of Alchemy studying the emblems and methods of our forebears; one wants everything on a particular subject to make sense, and finding one respected text refutes another makes for uncertainty in working Alchemy and understanding the language of the Birds.

The cure for this ailment is internal consistency. This is what the varied alchemical Orders have to offer, my own association of brothers in the Ordo Octopi included. The Book of Colieus contains within a complete and internally consistent method of Alchemy.

The Book of Coelius offers exactly that, an internally consistent and complete alchemical system. It's rooted in the Hermetic Alchemy of the west, of the Emerald Tablet and wisdom of Hermes Thrice-greatest.  It presents a method of personal refinement, of earned power and measured loss. Yes, loss as well--the power gained comes at a cost. You can't crack the veil and remain the same. It is worth every second, though. The calcining fire of the Ordo's methods is effective and thorough. There are hotter methods, faster methods, and also slower--the method given in this work is steady and balanced.

I wish that it were around when I first began my study, would have saved me some time!

This is a modern alchemy, a current alchemy. It's an amalgamative work, as am I. A conjunction of the wisdom and ritual practice I've had the blessing to learn, to receive from human teachers and Spirits alike. It's effective, accessible and full of beauty. I make no bones about being proud of the Book, and I hope others on the alchemical path find this work to be valuable and filled with Light and Darkness.

The Book of Coelius is available now, from Hadean Press. Purchase it here:




  1. Definitely I will enjoy this book, thanks Mr Bradford.

  2. Congrats Christopher. Looks fascinating!

  3. Congratulations! I'm so happy to see this work moving into the larger world.

  4. Luz,
    Just wanted to stop by and say that I'm incredibly grateful for this gem you've produced, thank you very much for taking the time and effort of writing it, truly wonderful book dude, will be used for years to come and recommended to any one walking the path of the great work.
    Many blessings and mucho ache for you and yours,

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