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Nsala Malongo,

Having received my copy of the book Crossroads, I had a very enjoyable day and a half reading and deeply connecting with some of the writing within. The first thing you notice is that the book is gorgeous! No big shocker there-- Scarlet Imprint is known for making beautiful tomes and this book is no exception. What is very interesting is that they gathered such a seemingly disparate group of nigromancers....and made it clear that they are not so disparate at all. That standing at the crossroads is something that is at its heart a matter of human spiritual work, the one thing that is consistent with all of human culture. We all dance with the dead, and then dance As the dead. This book altered my views on a few things, which is always a joy. My own Padrino is a skilled spiritualist, having worked Misa since he was a child....I've never truly given the depth of the connection between Kardec's work and the movement that grew from it justice and, now I ( and my fellows) are re-approaching it. That's what, in my opinion, makes these books by Scarlet Imprint so valuable and Relevant to the current occult movement. There are more little gems within--the spiritualism one just stood out in particular for me. I love that the dead are being brought into the Ouroboros of Western practice, after so many years of limited understanding. We live in an exciting go out and get this book. It's absolutely beautiful.



  1. Scarlet imprint certainly seems to me to be one of the most interesting esoteric publisher today. And this book seems to be quite unique. Thanks for pointing my attention towards it.

    In light,


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