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De-constructing the Ritual Battery


It's worth taking a moment every season or so to examine your daily-ish ritual battery. What are you doing? Why are you doing it? Does it actually do what it's supposed to do? 

I had to sit down and take a good hard look at my battery the other day, and examine it's contents against what I was trying to accomplish. That part is isn't good enough to feel better, you have to be better. And what is "better"? Is better for you a matter of improved elemental/planetary/astrological balance, and if so, what does that look like? Is better increased awareness of/connection with the spiritual (these are not the same things)?Is better a closer relationship with your spiritual contacts (the Gods and Angels with whom you regularly commune)?

.......What exactly are you doing? And Why are you doing it?

One wonderful thing about the Golden Dawn is that we've got a full toolkit for pretty much whatever you want to accomplish. It just requires study and having direction.

More than once in my career I've found myself doing Magic for the sake of doing Magic......just doing what I do, with no real goal in place. The only thing that changed then was my skill with Magic.  In the periods when I have a goal to accomplish--a single, focused goal--I've experienced real growth in Understanding and change. I'm sure that sounds obvious to many, but it hasn't always been to me. It's easy to forget that empowering each ritual requires intent; statements of intent aren't just for Talismans. There should be an awareness of what you want to accomplish before beginning any ritual action, and that intent should inform the ritual and be part of the weave. This is a danger that many intermediate and advanced Magicians face; familiarity breeds contempt.... knowing the rituals perfectly well makes it possible to do them by rote, on autopilot. It's the difference between running on a treadmill, and running an actual race. One is just exercise.

One real stand out for me is the Adoration of the Lord of the Universe. Have you ever taken the time to ask the why's for that particular ritual (perhaps our most important?) Why do we face the East? Why are we projecting LVX in that direction, establishing a current? What does it mean to be one whom "Nature hath not formed?" To be "Lord of the Light and of the Darkness"? This is a ritual that is lacking in any vibratory or visual formulae--the "why" of which is important to understand as well. It's a ritual that doesn't give up it's fruit without proper understanding. They are all that way; there are layers of understanding, and approaching the rituals from a single side will give limited results.

I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone that the Qabalah is key to understanding our rituals, but it may be a surprise to some to learn that understanding the Western Alchemical tradition is equally important. Fundamental Alchemical understandings--such as that of Azoth, which is key to understanding the Adoration of the Lord of the Universe--illuminate the rituals. These understandings are keys that unlock the real power of the rituals.

Have a happy Christmas!



  1. Great post Frater. This is something that I have been thinking about a lot - although I am coming from it from a less ceremonial perspective, the gist is the same. Its about the deepening of the subtle aspects - those small nuances that prove to hold the most gnosis.

  2. Thanks for this post. I do agree that knowing the "mechanical" part of a ritual is important, since it creates skill; but bringing that "mechanic" part to life is even more important.

    Pregnating the ritual with intent, goal and direction is what allow us to see what others can't, whether they're mundane or spiritual aims.

    I remember I read somewhere some time ago, that someone was saying that we don't have to expect results. What? doing magic for sake of having fun? that's stupid. Why would someone waste time performing a "mechanical" ritual instead of watchig a good movie? again, that's stupid.

    If we do magic, is because we have an intent and we expect to obtain results, and as you said, Golden Dawn has a full repertoire of rituals to satisfy it; the problem is that many people thinks that Golden Dawn is just a LBRP and kabalah theory. They are way wrong.

    Again, thanks Fr AIT, in the LVX

    Frater VL

  3. Care Fra Balthazar,

    Thanks, brother-you hit the nail on the head, the gnosis is definitely in the nuances.

    On another note....great to see that you are doing better!

  4. @ Frater VL.
    Sure we should set ourselves goals, e.g. to have more joy in life, more happiness, more love towards ourselves and our fellows, to enjoy the richness and fullness of life, to receive guidance from the higher parts of the soul, to train the intuition, to learn to know why you are here on this planet, what is your special task on Earth etc.
    But i always tell my students to not lust for results when actually performing Magic, because this can lessen the exalted and god-inspired enthusiasm that is necessary to perform Magic right. The lust for immediate results during the performance of Magic only creates tension.
    For example, when i invoke a special force and expect immediate results like astral appearance etc. i do myself no good.
    This is what Crowley meant when saying "Do not lust for results".
    Merry Christmas,


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