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Quick Conversation with Saturn


So...I found myself concerned with things going on at work, and wanted to summon assistance from Saturn. Interestingly, as I turned my mind toward the idea, the hour of Saturn came around.

I took up a purple candle and incense, put them on a stand. Cast a quick chart, turns out Old Man Saturn is in his Exaltation. He is also trine the Moon, as benevelont an Aspect as your getting with him. The Moon is the general significator for eventsts in Horary, and as the question was one of work/livelihood it fell under Saturn's purview. This isn't his day (it being Tuesday) so I dress the candle in Honey to sweeten him up a bit. Lord knows he doesn't have much sweetness on his own. It's Mars' day as well, and the last thing I need is a combatitive Saturn. Dealing with these Planetary Gods is always a bit nerve-wracking.

I further dressed the candle with Five-Finger grass for good luck and Cast-off Evil powder for....well, casting off evil. Performed the Qabalistic Cross.  I lit the candle, and took out my Kamea and Image of Saturn. I lit the incense and suffumigated the Image & Kamea, and then closed my eyes in prayer. I incanted the Orphic Hymns to Saturn, and turned my mind towards the Image of Saturn. I held the image for a moment, and then released it. It began changing almost immediately. The image I use is from the Picatrix (drawn by artist Nigel Jackson), and is of an antlered deer-headed man riding a dragon, with an arrow in hand and stars behind. It changed into the figure of an old man, still antlered, but white-bearded and black robed, sitting astride the Dragon. I greeted him, and he just looked at me, like I was nothing. Oh, Saturn. I asked my question, which was basically "What will come of the mistake I've made at work (nothing big, but I work in a politically complicated environment...and I absolutely Hate making mistakes at work)", and he answered in the ALL-CAPS godvoice you get when speaking to the Planetary Gods "YOU WILL BE PUNISHED". Well, shit. "How so?" I asked. He answers "WITH THE GUILT YOU HAVE SUFFERED". Oh. I have perhaps been a little extra hard on myself, as I tend to be. I asked for his blessing in work matters, and he gave it.

I had planned on making a talisman, but turns out it was unnecessary.

Thank you again, Lord Saturn.

Just though I'd share; I hope you all are well.




  1. That second response was great. I've never gotten such a thing before, but it definitely cracked me up.

    ... Huh. Interesting image by Jackson, though.

  2. Ahh, I should have mentioned--that is not Nigel's image. It comes with Fra Warnock's Planetary Magic course, and I didn't want to go splaying it about without permission. This is a more common image of Saturn.

  3. Heh, pretty cool.

    Nice syncretism as always.

    I can just see this stern guy joking in his sternness *almost* cracking a smile, "WITH THE GUILT YOU HAVE SUFFERED".

  4. Way to go Frater! That's how you mix up the juju! Saturn is in perfect partile opposition to my natal Sun, and apart from making me into a dark and tormented soul I am ultra careful about invoking Saturn directly in any planetary magic. So I'm kinda jealous.

  5. @ Fra Serpentis et Aquilla,

    Thanks bro. Ha, I definitely felt he might have been amused.

  6. @ Fra Balthazar,

    Thank you kindly! That is one interesting birth chart you have there; you're wise to have learned how to work with it! You'd be amazed at how many modern mages never bother.


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