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Longboarding, Duke Kahanamoku, and Magic


So...I'm an avid longboarder (of the concrete-surfing variety.) I picked it up a while ago. I spent many of my formative years in Hawaii, and I sorely miss it. I long for it. Hawaii is more than a place...anyone who's spent some real time with her knows what I mean. Living on the mainland has it's joys, but there is something in Hawaii that is no where else. I can't take up surfing. The ocean has made it clear that it wants to eat me, and I can't fully trust her in the fashion that makes for great surfers. I'm a Taurus, and my nature is earthy and dense--ever seen a bull swim? He might, but not for long...

I use my longboard to commute, but also to reconnect me with the spirit of Hawaii. Everytime I ride, even a short ride, it feels like home. I was reading a biography of the good Duke Kahanamoku, Father of Surfing and therefore all Boarding sports and I got to thinking....Why not reach out to his Spirit? Why not honor him, for giving us this, that we love so much? I'm a Magician, everything seems to come back to Magic one way or the other.

Duke is an inspiration, his life was exemplary and he lived Aloha. You could have far worse as a Patron, and in the spirit of Aloha he would certainly bless your journeys on your Board. Of course, should you call him and ask for his blessing, you'll need to take your Boarding and treat it as an honored exercise. The Board itself should be annointed and maintained well, the boarding done with Joy. While out boarding, you need to treat people with Aloha. If you don't know what that is, look it up. You'll need to have Aloha in your spirit when you Board in order to properly commune with Duke Kahanamoku. Now, this has absolutely nothing to do with Hawaiian shamanism, or any traditional Hawaiian magic. Just so  we're clear. This is a modern longboarder reaching out to the father of the modern boarding Tradition.

So, in honor of Duke, here's a formulae for calling him:

You will need the following:

One Koa Wood Bowl 
Red Dirt from Hawaii
Sand from Waimea Beach
Water from the Ocean on the North Shore
Sandalwood incense

    Paint the inside of the Koa Wood bowl a deep indigo/blue. Be sure to seal it so that it is waterproof.

    Conduct this ritual right before sunrise. When you are ready to commune with Duke Kahanamoku, first light the incense, and face the East. Add the red dirt and Sand to the bottom of the bowl, and then fill it up at least Half-way with the sea water. Vibrate the following Hawaiian Prayer, called E Ala E:

    E ala E
    Ka la i Kahikina
    I ka moana
    Ka moana hohonu
    Pi'i ka lewa
    Ka lewa nu'u
    I Kahikina
    Aia ka la.

    E ala E!

    (in English, it means:

    The Sun in the East
    From the Ocean
    The Ocean Deep
    Climbing to the Heaven
    The Heaven Highest
    In the East
    There is the Sun

    Call to Duke, and scry within the bowl, where you will see him rising from the Sea like the Sun. Greet him with Aloha. Convey to him your joy in boarding, and express your deep appreciation for the work he did in his life. Ask for his blessing, and thank him with a Mahalo.

    Daub your head, hands, feet, and heart with the Water in the bowl, blessed by the good Duke. Anoint your board as well. Go out and Board and live Aloha, riding that day in his honor.

    Before you begin a day of boarding, anoint yourself with the water and say the above prayer, facing the East, with Aloha in your heart, in honor of the good Duke Kahanamoku. You will have great result, much happiness and kindness in your life.

    This is me saying thank you to Hawaii and to Duke Kahanamoku for all they've done to enrich my life. Aloha, and Mahalo!

    In LVX,


    The ocean deep
    Climbing (to) the heaven
    The heaven highest
    In the east
    There is the sun


    1. And I thought that amongst skateboard wielding occultists and sorcerers I was nearly alone!

      You, sir, are an inspiration!

    2. Heh, I was a skater rat bore an auto accident put the kabosh on that. Gentlemen, well met!

    3. Well met, indeed! Nice to hear that two of my favorite Fraters are brothers in this way as well!


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