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So, I've created a few short works on magic-namely a small pamphlet with instruction on Kameothic Magic, and another pamphlet detailing my healing method, The Book of the Blossoming Flower (which I've only released to a few fellow Magicians almost a year ago....mostly to get some peer review.)  I've got a little distance from them now, and decided to take a look back at them. I learned a few things:

1. I am a little over-zealous in my self criticism.
2. I am a bit of a lazy writer.
3. Both pamphlets are good, because they work.

I'm planning on continuing to create small pamphlets (the size of a few book chapters), and hope that I'll look up and have written a book about my personal system of practice without really having had to Write it.

Examining Why someone writes these sort of things--when there are plenty of books teaching magic already--is interesting. I feel it is important for me for a number reasons. I want to be able to teach my sons and daughter, when they're old enough, a consistent system which they can feel is their own. Which will save them the years of thrashing about that I did, the years of toil in dusty books (I suppose it would be "sight-blinding PDF's" these days....), the uncertainty... this would be a real inheritance. They can make their own money. I would have traded every dime I had to have something like this from my father.

I also feel obligated to contribute. Not because I am some authority on Magic (I certainly am not!), but the relationships I have with the persons and Entities who I've learned from seem to have come with that expectation. Plus, I love magic, and making even a little corner of it in my own image is irresistible. 'Cuz that's what we do with the world, isn't it?

The recent posts by Fras Gordon, RO, and Jason are full of great tips on getting on the writing train. Thanks Gents!




  1. Agreed totally. Passing on the tradition is helping it stay alive. A great help both to your children and the rest of us.

  2. Care Fra A.I.T.

    this is great and of highest value I would say. There are a lot f systemy out there but not all work for everyone. If you found your individual system that works and are able to pass it on, great. Also your kids will appreciate having a clear guideline without all the crap of hiding things, adding "traps" etc. I alwayss thnk what a pity it is that so many great magicians leave without leaving their advise or system. Imagine how great that would be, a huge library of personal experience...

    In L.V.X,

  3. Thanks Gents-I'm with you on the whole blinds and traps thing, Fra Arcad. I think that's bullshit. Setting people up to fail in Magic is beyond offensive.

  4. I've been reading your blog for a while now. I have a similar background in magic as you: Bardon, GD and Enochian, +++. I am interested in reading your book on Kameothic Magic. The last one who touched on such a subject in my readings was Frater U.D. in Practical Sigil Magic. What way can I obtain a copy of your book.

    Sorry to come out of nowhere but I am more of a silent operator.

    Thanks in Advance,

  5. @ Magi777

    I don't have a complete copy of the book around-however, here in the archives of the blog I have posts with all of the information--rituals, images of the Kamea, etc. Search for "Book of Coelius" and you'll have what you need. Thank you for reading, and share your results.


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